20 cult football chants

Football has at times taken a dark turn from the more comical side of the game. Chanting is encouraged but it needs to be kept well within the boundaries of good banter and harmless fun. With the vile chanting that has cropped up in the game, especially recently, it’s easy to lump all football chants into such an evil and unforgiving pigeonhole.

But the pleasant side of the game does need it. With Premier League football chants, there is absolutely no need to address the now overriding need for political correctness. Out the window with language you’d usually keep well away from your mother, while banishing the myth that football fans are mindless thugs. Some of the songs heard in football stadiums are a  work of genius.

After all, it’s always a good sign when supporters can make light of their situation of being 3-0 down, at home and in the pouring rain.

Click on Jamie Carragher for some great songs from the terraces

Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher

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