Premier League trio should strike early to avoid a Bosman lottery

After a starring performance in the World Cup in South Africa, Germany’s Mesut Ozil was widely expected to move to a big European club. However, with no-one having made their move it appears as if Mesut Ozil will now stay at Werder Bremen for another season.

In an interview with German newspaper Bild am Sonnstag, Ozil stated “For now, my situation for the next 12 months is clear. Only the facts count and the fact is, I am under contract with Werder. I cannot know what comes after that.”

Ozil’s contract with the German outfit expires at the end of the coming season, and there will be a huge scramble for the player’s services across Europe next summer if he remains at Werder Bremen this season. This could prove to be somewhat of a lottery and if a Premier League side wishes to sign the player, they might be advised to act now and bypass the scramble that will ensue next summer, albeit at the expense of what will be a large transfer fee. At 21 years of age Ozil is one of the hottest prospects in European football and has the potential to become one of the world’s top players. Despite what would probably be a large transfer outlay, the signing of Ozil would be likely to prove good investment.

The three Premiership clubs to have been most strongly linked with moves for Mesut Ozil are Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United. Arsenal were most strongly linked when it looked like Cesc Fabregas would be leaving the Gunners for Barcelona, with Ozil seen by many as an ideal replacement for the Spaniard. It now looks however that Fabregas will stay and a move for Ozil seems highly unlikely. Cesc Fabregas could well make the move next summer though, and Ozil would be an excellent alternative to the Arsenal captain. Chelsea needed midfield recruits, but the signing of Yossi Benayoun and imminent arrival of Ramires again makes a move unlikely. Manchester United are the team who could perhaps most do with Ozil; United’s midfield seemed to lack creativity last season and Ozil would fit this bill perfectly. Whether the finances or inclination to sign the player are there though, is unclear. Mesut Ozil would be a fine acquisition for any of these sides, but it seems unlikely that Ozil will make the move to England in time for this season.

If Ozil stays at Werder Bremen this season, as now seems likely, there is going to be an almighty scramble for the player next summer. At that juncture Ozil will be just as likely to move to a Spanish or Italian club as he would be to an English club. If a Premier League club wishes to sign Ozil, they will have a much better chance this summer as far less teams will be gunning for his signature. Ozil will also be able to demand a huge salary, and it will be clubs like Real Madrid that will be willing to offer Ozil £150,000 a week. Fans of the English game will want to see a star player such as Mesut Ozil in the Premier League, but it may be a case of now or never if that desire is to be fulfilled.

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