Top TEN players who are loved by their clubs, but loathed by others

Here are the Premier League’s top ten players who are loved by their own club, but loathed by others, enjoy:

10. Kevin Davies (Bolton)

The Bolton fans admire the striker’s commitment and his ability to push his weight around on opposing defenders to bag vital goals for their club. Davies is loved and maybe even idolized by his own fans, but definitely hated amongst others clubs fans. His ability to knock over players in a ruthless manner and overall negative mentality towards the game is very frustrating to watch as a fan. People may call it good old fashioned centre-forward play, which it maybe, but its very annoying to see a player build a reputation based on fouling and being rough. No one likes his football style and his coarseness towards other players are sometimes over the top, hence why other fans other than his own hate him.

9. Lee Bowyer (Birmingham City)

Lee Bowyer has been an instrumental figure within the Birmingham midfield since arriving last season, and fans of the club have certainly taken to the Englishman. His determination is admirable but again he is another player who fans love to hate. His days at Leeds and Newcastle were marred by incidents which drew bad publicity. In 2002, Whilst at Leeds United, Bowyer intentionally stamped on the head of then Malaga player Gerardo sparking fury even to those not associated with the club, and who can forget the bust-up with Kieron Dyer whilst both were at Newcastle. In 2005, both Dyer and Bowyer decided to have it out on the pitch, only to be separated by shocked team-mates and Villa players. Lee Bowyer has matured over the years and does not get into any silly antics these days. However, his past has made him a hate figure to many.

8. Craig Bellamy (Manchester City)

Craig Bellamy is one of Manchester City’s most committed players in their squad. The Welsh international has undeniable talent and will fight until the end, but his confrontational style has made himself a hate figure for many other fans in the Premier League. He may not be loathed as much as the others on this list, but his constant rows and moaning is irritating to say the very least.

7. John Terry (Chelsea)

Arguably the heart and soul of Chelsea football club along with good mate Frank Lampard, John Terry is the rock in the Blues backline. The centre-backs leadership, drive, desire and determination is impeccable and has been for years for the West London club. However, a lot of other Premier League fans can’t stand the England international. John Terry thinks highly of himself, which don’t get me wrong is great, but he is not as good as he makes himself out to be. He is also a very sly fouler and is regularly in the referees ear (I know he is the Chelsea captain, but at times it is not necessary). Terry also had an affair with Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend, and has since drawn a lot of public hate from fans, non-football fans and even professionals within the game. Chelsea fans continue to cheer (as expected) whilst others loath yet love to shout abuse at John Terry.

6. Emmanuel Adebayor (Manchester City)

The Togo international has and continues to make himself a fan favourite at the City of Manchester Stadium. Statistically, behind Carlos Tevez, Adebayor is City’s next top striker, and without his goals last season the Eastland’s club may have finished lower than they did. However, Emmanuel Adebayor has made himself somewhat of a hate figure in the Premier League, especially towards those who support the Gunners (who can forget his goal celebration against his old team). Fans hate him purely for the fact that he thinks he is the best in the world, and his arrogance and laid-back approach on the pitch is laughable to say the very least.

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5. Didier Drogba (Chelsea)

Didier Drogba is loved by Chelsea fans for his prowess in front of goal, but hated by all simply for his pathetic diving skills. The 32-year-old striker has great ability is amongst one of the worlds best in his position, but his constant diving over the years in the English game have drawn criticism from fans and pundits a like. His falling over techniques are hilarious to watch considering the Ivorian is a 13 stone man, the shrugging of his shoulders and constant pleading his innocence is well known to every fan in the Premier League. Fans across the nation (including myself) love to hurl abuse at the striker when he is rolling around on the floor like he had been shot, when in fact nobody had even touched him. Stay on your feet for goodness sake…you’re built like a tank.

4. Gary Neville (Manchester United)

Gary Neville should be considered a United legend having been with the club since he was 16. Neville, now 35, is the second longest serving player at the club and every Red Devil fan adores his dedication and loyalty for so many years. However, many neutrals of the game do not like his antics…Liverpool fans for a fact despise the guy for what he has said and done over they years. His arrogance and strong opinions on football in general make him a prime target for hate.

3. El Hadji Diouf (Blackburn)

He is a tenacious and committed player for Blackburn and their fans will like him for that, but other loath him because he is a nasty, sneaky player. Diouf is a definite pantomime villain in the Premier League that opposing fans love to hate. The winger’s wayward diving draws much deserved crowd abuse and his facial expressions are very annoying to look as well.

2. Joey Barton (Newcastle)

Newcastle fans will find Barton to be somewhat of a good player for their club. His fighting spirit (excuse the pun) is credible, but it does tend to boil over at times. Joey Barton has made it a habit of creating enemies amongst his own team-mates, opposing players and fans alike. To put it simpler, the Toon player is a one-man controversy magnet. His awful behaviour on the pitch and dirty mentality do not bold well for viewing pleasure and is a joke to football in general. Not many (if any) will like the 27-year-old because of his foolish conduct in the past and it looks set to continue this season.

1. Ashley Cole (Chelsea)

Chelsea fans will love the full-back purely for the fact that he is possibly the best left-back in the world and has been a solid performer for the West London club for the past four years. However, with that all being said a lot of fans around the Premier League hate Ashley Cole, especially the Arsenal faithful. Cole is not liked amongst the Premier League fans because of his obvious obsession with money after refusing to sign a £55,000-a-week deal offered by Arsenal was thought to be low. He then made a move to Chelsea in 2006 for more money, earning him the name ‘Cashley Cole’. The left-backs constant moaning to referees is also very tedious to watch and many neutrals loath him because of this. The Chelsea man also has haters who are not even football fans following his divorce with national treasure Cheryl Cole. His latest antics claiming that he hates England and the f****** people will only add more fuel to the fire, and just for the record, we hate you too Cashley.

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