Principles are one thing, but success is another for Arsenal

Arsene WengerSpeaking before last night’s draw with Manchester City, Arsene Wenger has spoken about the problem that Chelsea and Manchester City have become to football and how he could never manage Manchester City. Where most football purists want to see the back of billionaire owners, is it proactive for Wenger to constantly attack what they are doing? What is right for one club may not be right for another. While Arsenal fans trust Wenger, they must be frustrated at the lack of spending at The Emirates.

“I run Arsenal like I feel it needs to be run. It is a new problem but they don’t steal the money, they have it.

“I’m personally a big fan of the way we do it, so I try to be successful with the way we do it.

“You can also do it the way Inter do, or Manchester City. They buy the best players in the world and it works as well. What I want to show is it works our way as well.”

The problem for Arsenal fans must be the trench that Wenger is digging himself. It is clear that he despises what these clubs are doing, and is determined to beat them his way. Is that at the cost of Arsenal though? Is Arsene Wenger refusing to spend money, so he can prove that his way is the right way? Arsenal fans know that if the squad is to challenge for honours they need to invest in the squad this January. Arsenal desperately needs a quality centre half, but will Wenger invest in a player of the quality Arsenal fans expect?

Arsene Wenger needs to strike a balance between his own philosophy and that of the ambitions of the club. What can’t be hidden is the fact that Arsenal have not looked like serious title contenders for many years, now they do, is it time to invest? There is no doubt that Arsene Wenger has nurtured a side that is good enough to challenge, but if he was to spend a large sum of money, that potential could turn to medals come May.

I don’t think any Arsenal fan would want their club to invest a huge amount of money on players. It would actually stunt the development of some very promising youngsters at the club. However, as many have argued before, there needs to be a balance. If Arsene Wenger was more willing to invest a bit more there is a case to argue that the squad would learn a great deal from a different method of thinking. For example, if Arsenal were to bring in a top quality centre half in the mould of David Luiz, he would bring with him his own set of training principals that Arsene Wenger could tap into. Without investing in the very best, can Arsenal hold on to Cesc Fabregas and Robin Van Persie?

If Arsene Wenger has entrenched himself into a transfer policy that could harm the success of Arsenal, he needs to reverse his thinking. Arsene Wenger and Arsenal have shown English football that success can be had without spending vast amounts of money. However, times have changed and unfortunately for the game the change is irreversible. Money controlling football is here to stay and Wenger must now strike a balance in order to compete year in year out.

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