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Principles is one thing a decent Tottenham offer is quite the other

FanCast guest columnist
Lee Watts admires Duxbury's principals, but feels the Hammers aren't in a
position to be so choosy.

Having principals is one
thing but common sense is quite the other and why Scott Duxbury was very
sincere in suggesting that he doesn't want to do business with them up the
road, you have to suggest whether that was in fact the right call in the long
run. In a way he has made a rod for his own back by making such a statement to
supporters, but at the same time I believe most would happily see him
backtrack, if their money was in the best interest of the club.

I admire Duxbury a lot
and I doubt there are many board members at other clubs who would take a
pay-cut just so the club can secure the signing of a striker. It speaks volumes
about the man and his love of the football club, but at the same time this event
only went to highlight what a precarious state we are in financially and how we
can no longer be in position to be so picky as to who we sell too.

Rumours have been
circulating since the transfer window shut that Tottenham are still sniffing
around Matt Upson. They bid for him deadline day, which was turned down and the
talk around the club is that they may have little option but to accept an offer
for him in the January window. The problem as far as we are concerned is that
Spurs are the only club likely to be interested in Upson, given that Man City
and Villa are now stocked up and why Duxbury is determined to stick by his
principals, for the sake of the club he'll have to back down if a suitable
offer is to come in. I know he may feel that the decision will be ridiculed by
some parties, given what has been said before, but at the same time the long
term future of the club is of far greater importance and if Upson's sale gives
us a bit of breathing space, then surely it is in the best interests to sell
him in January, regardless if it to Spurs.


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Article title: Principles is one thing a decent Tottenham offer is quite the other

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