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Proposed Hammers deal leaves optimism & scepticism in equal measures!

Football FanCast guest columnist Mark James wonders if West Ham would be wise to look to a period of financial stability.

Another day and another proposed takeover deal mooted and West Ham fans are left with both optimism and scepticism in equal measures.

I have to admit that in the past few months I have taken most stories with a pinch of salt, as newspapers just stick stories out there, but the quotes coming out of this new Intermarket consortium and Sullivan/Gold does suggest that it is a little more than hot air with regards to a potential takeover. They seem to be the two main players with regards to saving the football club and we have to ask ourselves as to which is the preferred option; is it stability from Sullivan and Gold, or the highly ambitious fans consortium?

While from the outset it would appear that the fan consortium is a no brainer, as we all want to see West Ham reaching the ‘upper echelons' of the Premier League, my great fear is the amount of people that are behind it and the expression of two many cooks spoiling the broth comes to mind. While initially the ultimate aim is of wanting to see West Ham succeed, my concern is that a few months down the line, there could be a potential split among the ranks over possible decisions with regards to the running of the football club. While it will be nice to see everyone pulling in the same direction, with so many people behind it, will that honestly be the case?

I think there is a lot to be said for stability, especially given the shape we are in, and if Sullivan and Gold can come in for a few seasons and get the financial outlook of the club thriving again, then it will lay down a nice foundation (like they did at Birmingham) for a bigger player, with deeper pockets that can take the football club up to the desired level. I know some supporters may see this as perhaps a backwards step, but given our last escapade of a big investor coming in with high ambitions, wouldn't we be wise to have a period of financial stability before we embark on another one.

So what is the feeling among my fellow Hammers – would you prefer the stability that Gold and Sullivan, or should we look to Intermarket as the way forward for West Ham United?

Article title: Proposed Hammers deal leaves optimism & scepticism in equal measures!

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