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Quite what Rafa Benitez did to deserve this…

Football FanCast guest columnist Harry Dempsey wonders what Rafa Benitez ever did to warrant such a lack of respect.

If ever one needed proof of why Liverpool fans have so much disdain for its current owners then George Gillett more than rubber stamped it with his latest outburst.

Unlike some supporters I haven't gone down the road of making a conscious effort to dislike them and been prepared to sit back and judge them by their own merits, however as the days pass the more tempted I am to jump on the bandwagon that want to see them removed.

I couldn't believe what I was reading this morning and it simply showed the lack of class in which the man has and secondly the obvious divisions that still exist within the football club and how there is a serious crack in this supposed truce between the owners and Benitez. I don't know what Rafa's take or response will be, but I don't expect it to be cordial.

If someone can please tell me what Gillett was hoping to achieve by slamming Benitez and questioning his purchases, then I would like to know, because in my mind it is an absolute disgrace. As an owner of your football club you need to show you are 100% committed behind your manager, back him to the absolute hilt and not use him as a scapegoat for failings. Rafa may not be perfect, but I haven't heard him once come out and condemn his bosses, even when the opportunity has more than arisen. Perhaps the reason for it being that the Spaniard is respectful of the club, has respect and a certain amount of decorum about his person – important traits that Mr Gillett clearly lacks.

Article title: Quite what Rafa Benitez did to deserve this…

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