McLeish is surely just another bad Liverpool rumour

Firstly, is there a Liverpool fan out there who will have been excited to hear the rumours of Alex McLeish taking over at Anfield next season?

I’m sorry to anybody who answered yes but even if he has reignited the Blues then surely appointing McLeish would be a step back rather than forward for Liverpool?

Liverpool should be competing for the Premier League every season. In Benitez they had a manager who made that a real possibility. At the moment he has seemingly lost his way and it is surely just a matter of months before he realises this himself. If the Anfield board are to look for a new manager, they need to employ a manager who has experience in European football. Benitez had that. McLeish…has a European cup winner’s medal from 1983 and 10 months in charge of Scotland. Is that enough to be a successful manager domestically and in Europe in 2011? If they had said Martin O’Neill, they may have had case.

In fact, the Liverpool board could have saved themselves if they had followed up their initial enquiry about hiring Jurgen Klinsmann a season or so ago. He was precisely the type of manager needed at Anfield. Young, modern, out-spoken and respected. Does McLeish fit that bill?

Another question may be whether McLeish would want to go to Anfield? It is hard to see any manager turning down the option of joining a club like Liverpool but McLeish could be better off at Birmingham. With a reported £40million transfer kitty awaiting him this summer, even Rafa Benitez will be wondering why he can’t have such luxuries.

Benitez’s men may have just produced their best performance of the season against lowly Portsmouth but it will take a lot more than that to convince the Anfield faithful that their team have not lost their chance of reaching fourth spot.

For Liverpool it is really make or break. They face a massive week with the Europa League tie against Lille followed by a trip to Old Trafford. Whether or not Liverpool make fourth spot this season, and if a new manager is what the desire, then the board must remember that they are a huge club. A poor season will not be improved by hiring an unproven manager.