Rafa must wonder what he ever done to deserve this

Football FanCast guest columnist Dan Pepper wonders if the events of this summer are in danger of sabotaging all of Rafa's hard work of the past two years.

Rafa Benitez must wonder what he has to do to get a break in football, given the events of this summer. Having finished the season on a high and Liverpool's highest points tally ever, you could be forgiven in thinking that this was set to be their year and be in a position to be deemed the most successful team in English football, by acquiring that 19th League title.

I am sure I wasn't the only Red who felt this summer, would simply see the arrival of two or three new faces to supplement our already sound squad and we could all look forward to next season's title push. Unfortunately it hasn't worked out that way and all the uncertainty around the future of certain players and the fact that Johnson is our only new addition to the first team this summer, does leave me slightly concerned as to whether we are equipped to win that. The potential loss of Alonso and Mascherano will be hugely significant, as the timing of it and the need to find and blood suitable replacements will take time and with the new season starting three weeks this weekend, I am concerned as to whether the club is currently focused.

Rafa must be fuming at the fact the club still have yet to resolve the refinancing of the loan, which has probably curtailed his spending and possible targets, therefore his plans must be in disarray. The Americans have had since January to sort this out and although Gillett has done his part in selling his Ice Hockey franchise, Hicks still seems to be stumbling around and with the deadline now passed it just prolongs our pain and Rafa's undoubted frustration further. How can a manager expect to plan ahead, when ultimately he is unsure as to how much is at his disposal? It is a joke quite frankly and at the very time where the club need to go that extra mile, to follow on from two seasons of solid progress in the league, suddenly we are in danger of throwing our chances away, due to non football related issues. Rafa doesn't deserve this and in many ways neither do we.


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