Take Rafa’s transfer scare with a pinch of salt

Fernando_Torres_Steven_GerrardRafa Benitez has issued a worry for all Liverpool fans by suggesting that he cannot rule out the possibility of cashing in on any player, even Torres or Stevie G, should the club’s financial situation dictate it. I personally think it is a load of guff and I’ll be taking it all with a pinch of salt.

There is one or two ways you can take Benitez’s comments and while my rather anti-Rafa brother suggests that it is an act in order to have supporters sympathising with him, I believe it is just Rafa following the company line so by highlighting the perilous financial position we are in, the club has its reasons for not being able to spend big in this current transfer window, given the outcry from supporters to do so in order to secure CL football. We all know that the club’s new endorsements and sponsorships will kick in during the summer, so I therefore find it strange to talk about the possible sale of key assets come June. The club would have to be in a horrendous state financially if that was the case; something which I think is being overplayed, I mean United are in twice the amount of debt we are in, but I wouldn’t expect Fergie come out suggesting the need to sell Rooney or them having to.

You may love or loathe the two Americans, but they are businessmen and as much as (in my view) they have done the club a disservice, I am sure they are wise enough to realise that if a business is to succeed, or to get moving to the desired level that they want, then selling the club’s two biggest assets simply can’t happen, or would make any sense whether they want to a) take the club forward or b) look to sell on the club to other investors.

I don’t know what other Liverpool fans feel about Rafa’s remarks, but I felt that perhaps he has overplayed the situation and put out concerns that aren’t really warranted. I think we all know that there wasn’t going to be huge funds to spend this January and perhaps there may be a need to be slightly prudent in the summer, but the possibly of having to sell our celestial duo does appear slightly wide of the mark to me…doesn’t it?

Written By Jim Thomas