Respect isn’t a given, it has to be earned

I don’t know about anyone else who follows football, but I am sick and tired of all the “rent-a-gobs” that jump on the band wagon to crucify people in football; firstly the old age rugby player then the police officer. I don’t know where they have been lately but I hear a lot of youngsters, school children, who could teach them how to swear. The police officer in Wolverhampton needs to get out more, he does not live in the real world. I don’t condone what Wayne Rooney did but also don’t condone the witch hunt either. I’m surprised that old Sep Blatter did not stick his nose in as well. It would appear that the FA is more interested in dealing with verbal abuse than they are with tackles that can cripple people.

They keep saying the ref should be shown more respect. So perhaps instead of whining they should do something about it. CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG, DON’T THEY HAVE THEM THINGS CALLED YELLOW AND RED CARDS!! START ISSUING THEM FOR DISSENT – IT WILL CURE THEIR PROBLEM. What happened towards the end of the match between Man United and Chelsea on Wednesday evening, when the Chelsea players surrounded the ref and unless I’m mistaken he was accosted; and then there were the Chelsea manager’s comments after the game. Where were all the “rent-a-gobs” then or is it correct they only come out of the woodwork for certain teams or managers?

Refs do not need someone to wipe their nose but they do need to improve on their abilities so that the blatant mistakes being made are reduced, if not eradicated all together. e.g:

  1. Rio Ferdinand missing drug test – 7 month ban, another player caught taking drugs – a lesser ban.
  2. Mr Holloway being fined for playing a weaker side.
  3. Mr Wenger, Mr Ferguson and Mr Grant for telling the truth – touchline ban, Carlo Ancelotti – so far no action.
  4. Chelsea players mobbing ref – so far no action.
  5. Torres first dive in the same game – no action.
  6. The blatant penalty denied Blackpool in their game against Arsenal.

Right, back to respect for refs, well respect isn’t something that is automatically given, it is something that has to be earned.