‘Rock n Goal’ with Matt Bowman from the Pigeon Detectives

The Pigeon Detectives are back with their third studio album. We spoke to frontman Matt Bowman about his love of Leeds, being friends with Alan Smith and why he’d steer clear of having a pint with Joey Barton…

Ideal song for teams to walk out to?
Anything that makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, something that gets the blood flowing. At the minute The Pigeons walk out to Beastie Boys ‘Sabotage’ and that does the trick!

First match you went to see?
Middlesbrough vs Wimbledon with my dad. Leeds vs Crystal Palce was my first Leeds game.

Do you have any celebrity football friends?
I’m friends with Alan Smith (Leeds United, Manchester United, Newcastle United and England). We grew up in the same village of Rothwell.

Why it’s better being a rockstar than a footballer
We can abuse out bodies with drink, food, lack of sleep and general partying. The lack of early morning training sessions is a bonus too!

Which current player would you most like to have a pint with?
Luciano Becchio – he speaks hardly any English but seems like a decent lad and you can tell he loves Leeds, which is good enough for me.

Which current player would you least like to have a pint with?
Joey Barton – he’d probably just want a tear up after a couple of shandy’s!

Recorded at Brooklyn Recording Company, the new album ‘UP,GUARDS AND AT ‘EM!’’ is out now on Dance To The Radio and will be available here

You can win a copy of the Pigeon Detectives’ new album Up, Guards And At ‘Em! by answering this simple question…

How many members of the Pigeon Detectives are there?

A) 3

B) 4

C) 5

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