Rock n Goal with Toploader’s Dan Hipgrave

Toploader are back! The band that brought us ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ and ‘Achilles Heel’ have returned with a brand new single, ‘A Balance To All Things’ and album, ‘Only Human’.

We spoke to the band’s guitarist Dan Hipgrave about music and footy. Dan’s from Brighton, so is of course a Manchester United fan! What did you expect?

Here’s Dan on going to see the Albion and getting feedback on the new album from none other than ex-Liverpool star Jason McAteer…

Ideal song for teams to walk out to?

Stone Roses – ‘This is the One’, every game at OT is important so this is perfect.

Who’s your football hero?

Zinedine Zidane – he made his football look so effortless with the touch of a magician.

First match you went to see?

Some Brighton And Hove Albion game when I was very little in the days of the terrace. Frightening when you’re a kid.

Do you have any celebrity football friends?

We met David Beckham once in a club in 2001, he said he loved our music. Recently I met up with Jason McAteer on a holiday, I played him a few tunes from the new album and he loved them. Top bloke!

Why it’s better being a rockstar than a footballer

I’m not sure it is, is it? They play in front of bigger crowds each week and get paid better than we do. In fact I think they get all the ladies these days too, don’t they? Saying that we can get away with more bad behaviour.

Which current player would you most like to have a pint with?

Probably Rooney, it’s got to get interesting at some point hasn’t it.

Which current player would you least like to have a pint with?

Jamie Carragher – I don’t think I’d understand a word he said all night.

The forthcoming new album ‘Only Human’ is released 30th May 2011.

Preorder it here:


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Article title: Rock n Goal with Toploader’s Dan Hipgrave

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