They’d have you think that Ronaldo is conspiring against United

cristiano_ronaldoI normally take transfer rumours and speculation with a pinch of salt and see it as an unfortunate trait of the modern media who take great pleasure in sensationalising the slightest of things and do everything they can to cause unrest and unsettle football clubs in every way possible. There are fewer clubs in Europe that get the sort of attention that United do and this season it appears they are doing their damndest to railroad us in any way possible.

I suppose the departure of Ronaldo was always going to be catalyst for this as Cristiano is the first player that has really walked out on the football club and demanded a move elsewhere. Without sounding arrogant, there is little reason for players to want to leave United as we are arguably one of the biggest in the World, therefore seeing Cristiano leave was something of a real eye opener and something that I never thought I would ever see, given our standing in the game. Our loss has certainly been Madrid’s gain, but the move has perhaps showed some vulnerability in our armour and the media and even influential figures in the game like Fabio Capello have attempted to slight and look to unsettle us.

In the past few months we have had to put up with negative rumours and stories about our financial state and players supposedly wanting to move on and have been targeted by Madrid in particular. Jonny Evans and Nemanja Vidic have been linked to both La Liga giants, while the past few weeks we have been subjected to reports that Madrid are planning an audacious £60m swoop for Wayne Rooney. The media have tried to paint it that Pique at Barca and Ronaldo are the ones who are conspiring against us and forcing their clubs to take a chance on their former teammates, a theory I find truly hard to fathom yet one that they would truly have us believe. Perhaps the sale of Cristiano has caused both clubs (renowned for riding roughshod in order to obtain new players) believing that they can walk over a club the size of ours and look to cherry pick our better players, or maybe it is the Press both here and Spain working overtime to cause unrest. I personally think it is the latter, as they have seemed to have taken a vendetta towards the club and Sir Alex in particular this season.

I suppose it is now the nature of the beast and we can expect a few more of the outlandish rumours in the coming months as they look to put us down. I really hope that United go out this month and bring a real marquee signing to the club, to show we mean business and pour scorn over the media’s belief that we are on something of a downward spiral and struggling to keep hold of players due to apparent financial troubles. Sir Alex said recently that he felt the media were getting worse and I am now thinking he had a point.

Written By Jez Howard