Rooney joins Bentley in the skip kicking act [Video]

Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney has been showing off his football skills in his new programme looking to find young football talent in England’s cities. In the second series of Wayne Rooney’s Street Striker, Rooney couldn’t help but have a go at the challenge that he set the competitors. Having to control a number of balls that were dropped from a tower block and then chip them into a nearby skip, Rooney managed it with ease and showed just how talented a player is. Here he is showing those who idolise him how it should be done:

[youtube N9F0cZGLPww]

It looks like Tottenham midfielder David Bentley may face a stiff challenge if he wants to be known as the best skip kicker in English football. His video from Red Bull HQ became a youtube sensation as he bet his agent £15k that he could kick a ball into a skip from an overhead balcony. Bentley went ahead and did it, and to be fair to him his effort is pretty impressive and Rooney still has a way to go to match the skip kicking skills of Bentley. Though Bentley might be struggling on the pitch at the moment, this footage proves he is still a talented footballer:

[youtube ibu2pA8xh6g]

Coke Zero Presents: Wayne Rooney’s Street Striker is back on British TV screens as Rooney is back on the hunt for footballing talent. The programme is on Sky1 on Sundays at 6pm, and after the number of competitors were halved in the first show, now only the most talented remain as the thousands of teenagers who entered have been cut down to a select few. The youngsters have plenty of incentive to win the competition, as not only are they trying to impress their hero but they are also hoping to win the competition and win the prize of attending the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final in South Africa. There is some serious talent on show:

[youtube 5IL__JCFVwo]

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