Rooney v Drogba – Who would YOU rather?

Rooney or Drogba? Can’t I choose both?!

How is it possible to pick between two players who have scored a combined total of 46 goals this season already. Well, I’m going to give it my best shot and I’m going to have to use the stats as well as my own opinion to split them apart.

Goal Scoring

Rooney has scored 21 goals in 25 Premier League appearances. Drogba has 17 but has played 4 games less due to his participation in the African Cup of Nations. In the Champions League, Drogba has a 100% record by scoring 3 in 3 appearances. Surprisingly, Rooney is yet to score in the competition. Both players have a total of 23 goals in all club competitions this season and both have been in World Class form.

Drogba – 10/10

Rooney – 10/10

Strike Rate – Stats

Drogba has had 143 shots. 59 of which have been on target. That means, with 23 goals, he has scored 39% of his shots on target.

Rooney has had 176 shots. 60 of which have been on target. Despite having 13 shots in just two Champions League games, he has failed the find the net. A 38% conversion rate of shots on target is just a touch lower than that of Drogba.

Drogba – 9/10

Rooney – 8/10

Team Work

Drogba has 6 assists this season, double the amount of Wayne Rooney who has just 3. However, Rooney has committed just 20 fouls this season compared to the 49 of Drogba. Rooney’s work rate has been praised all season and he showed exactly that in the 1-1 draw at Villa Park last week, despite United being down to 10 men for most of the game.

Drogba – 8/10

Rooney – 10/10

Pace & Power

Rooney certainly has the edge in terms of pace. He is bullish when running with the ball or chasing the channels. Drogba is a better target man. Not only can he control pretty much everything, he can do so under pressure from the toughest defenders in the league.

Drogba – 9/10

Rooney – 9/10


Drogba showed in the Champions League Final loss to Man Utd that he can become a little too heated. He replicated that in the after-math of the loss to Barcelona in last season’s Champions League semi-final. Rooney is renowned for being easy to wind up but this season he has developed and seems to be a much more mature player.

Drogba – 7/10

Rooney – 8/10


Rooney has the edge in the age department. While Drogba took a while to bustle his way on to the World scene at Marseille, Rooney seems to be a World Class player at the age of 24. If he keeps improving as he is, there is no limit for his talent.

Drogba – 8/10

Rooney – 9/10


If Facebook is anything to go by, the Chelsea striker has 150,365 ‘fans’. It seems that there is not even a page dedicated only to Rooney, the best I found was 3,200. Having said that, neither compare to the 3.5million of a certain Cristiano Ronaldo, but oh well!

Drogba – 9/10

Rooney – 7/10


I’m pretty sure that neither of them are quite the fantasy of female viewers. Rooney may get more fans who also have an attraction to Shrek. Drogba is certainly in touch with his feminine side, his hair band never moves and he is certainly a 10/10 for theatrics. Overall there is no winner in the looks department.

Drogba – 1/5

Rooney – 1/5


Drogba – 61/80

Rooney – 62/80

Well it seems Rooney has the edge over his rival. With the title race hotting up, the real test will be coming in the next few months. Rooney or Drogba? Chelsea or United?

We will all find out in the next 3 months.

What do you think??