Roy ensures common sense will prevail with Liverpool deals

His arrival may not have sent shockwaves around Liverpool but Roy Hodgson has brought an air of calm around Anfield and more importantly a sense of realism.

While you couldn’t blame Liverpool supporters from salivating at the prospect of big name signings arriving, should either consortium manage to take control in the coming weeks, Hodgson is right to curb such talk and play down expectation and more importantly dismiss the prospect of unnecessary last minute buying. It is a sensible move to bide time and ensure that the right players are brought in.

“We have made a couple of signings so far, we have brought in Joe Cole, Danny Wilson and we hope to bring in at least another couple. We’ve done our research on the players we are able and capable of signing, on players that Liverpool wants right now and you have to remember it is not how much they cost but how good they are.

“The danger would be in a late takeover that the money would be available and we wouldn’t have the chance to do our research. If a lot of money did become available as happened at Manchester City and Chelsea in the past, we would make sure we did our research before we started splashing the money around.” (Guardian)

All we have heard from the media this week is what the prospective owners can bring to the football club and that Hodgson will have millions at his disposal and be able to bid for any player that he so wish. While it is an exciting prospect, Hodgson is right to show caution and use the likes of City as an example of the pitfalls of rash last minute spending. Liverpool’s squad needs strengthening no question, but it is about buying the right players and not bringing in new faces for the sake of it. Robinho was exciting for the first few months at Eastlands, but it didn’t take long to realise that it wasn’t the right move for him.

While Liverpool fans will probably be sitting there fingers crossed hoping that a deal can be resolved sooner rather than later, they should also back Hodgson’s call to be patient and careful in the transfer market. Spending vast sums of money doesn’t guarantee you anything in this world and Liverpool would be wise not to fall into the same trap that others has in recruiting high profile players on high wages, who subsequently add little value to the football club.

Written By Jim McKendry

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