Same old, same old for Everton?

Ask most Everton fans and they will tell you they almost expect a poor start to the season, and then for their form to pick up once you hit the November / December period and the team will climb their way into the top six of the table, and this season looked like being similar, yet the revival has not yet come for Everton – yes there was a poor start to the season, but no improvement has been seen, with the Toffees most recently scraping a draw against Norwich – not good enough for the standards David Moyes has set at for the blue half of Liverpool in the time he has been at the club.

Losing Arteta so close to the end of the summer transfer window was obviously a huge blow – Cahill and Arteta are vital players for Everton, and for a club with such little disposable income to spend on players, buying another player on the level of the Spaniard is close to impossible.

Goals have been a major problem for Everton this season, with their top scorer, Vellios having just three goals to his name. Not to echo a well know and laughed at pundit phrase, but goals do win you games, and if your team are not scoring – or indeed creating – then you have no chance.

Add this to a shaky defence, and the fact that Everton have lost half of the eight home games they have played this season, and you begin to understand why they are currently 14th in the table, and have little hope of breaking into the European places.

It is not that Moyes is a bad manager, or even that he has bad players, it is simply the fact that Everton are struggling to keep up with the sides above them who have more money to spend and are able to splash out millions on new players.

Even looking ahead to this January, Everton are in dire need of a striker and some creativeness in the centre of the park, yet have very little to spend on such players – and as we all know, the January transfer window adds a good couple of million on to players valuations anyway, and even teams like Sunderland who are not fairing much better than Moyes’ men this season have a good few quid to spend – Moyes does not, and has not for a very long time now.

Gone are the days when Everton can hope to push for a top four place – look at the money spent by teams like Spurs, and even Arsenal are getting in on the act to have a hope of getting a top four spot and being able to compete with the likes of Chelsea and City in the transfer market.

Unfortunately money is such a big factor in football these days and without it, Everton fans have to hope that Moyes either unearths a brilliant find for very little money, or the club sells a prised asset, such as Rodwell and uses that money to finance the purchase of new players, otherwise much of the same is all they have to look forward to.