Serial delusion leaves United fan with the wryest of smiles

Football FanCast guest columnist Paul Carroll reacts to Carlos Tevez's warped view on City's chances next season.

I bet there isn't a day that goes by now when Sir Alex Ferguson doesn't breathe a huge sigh of relief that he didn't sign Carlos Tevez. The Argentine just can't seem to get over the fact he wasn't wanted and in every opportunity cannot help but talk about us and make some sort of cheap shot at the great man. His latest outburst claimed that he can't wait for the Manchester derby so he can wipe the smile off Sir Alex's face…on the contrary Carlos we cannot wait for it either so we can show you exactly what we think of you after your actions in the past few weeks and how ‘understanding' we actually are at your new choice of club.

If you ever wanted to cite the difference between the two clubs, apart from the obvious, then it has to be the way that Tevez is allowed to spurt out the constant drivel that comes out of his mouth. At United we have a certain amount of class therefore wouldn't stand for players speaking out as their focus should solely be on events in and around Old Trafford. In the two years you rarely heard him speak, but he is more than making up for it now – his latest outburst suggests that he didn't join City for the money, a comment that I continually find hard to fathom.

Don't get me wrong City is a club that in time will be on the up, due to the vast investment that has been poured in, however it still amazes me that the likes of Barry, Tevez and the mercenary himself Adebayor claim that they didn't arrive for the money. So it was the prospect of joining a club that isn't playing in Europe, will struggle to make the top 6 this season and at the earliest is possibly around two seasons away from possibly playing Champions League football. Tevez thinks they will make it next season; I have to concede on reading it, it gave me the wryest of smiles.

"We have the best attack in Europe – Robinho, Santa Cruz, Adebayor, Wright-Phillips. It is very strong.

"I am convinced City will reach the top level in Europe in just one year because it is a strong, ambitious club." (Daily Mirror)

If supposedly having the best attack in Europe didn't make me chuckle then the prospect of them reaching the Champions League sent me over the edge. It amazes me that when you hear that, especially when you realise how inadequate and unbalanced their squad is. Surely the likes of Tevez will know that they haven't got a hope in hell unless their defence and midfield, which is average at best, is vastly improved? Are they really that naive, or is it just more hopeless attempts from the City PR set up in order to strike fear over United? We have always known that City are a bunch of dreamers, it appears their mercenary players are too.

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