Should Liverpool look to follow Tottenham’s transfer lead?

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez

How good is Luis Suarez! Since he came back from his ban, he’s wasted no time rediscovering his stride at Liverpool, scoring six goals in five appearances and forming a formidable strike force along with Daniel Sturridge . He weaves through defensive lines unlike any other premiership player. In fact, the only one I can think of who displays such natural dribbling ability is Lionel Messi. As long as Suarez keeps his hunger for fellow footballers at bay, and concedes that he too must abide by common courtesy, Liverpool can pride themselves in one of the league’s most lethal partnerships. But for how long?

Brendan Rodgers has reiterated in an interview with Sky Sports that he is confident his club can hold on to Suarez despite numerous rumours connecting the Uruguayan with a January move. With the obvious issue of lack of European football to deal with, and also perhaps the striker’s unpredictable behaviour as a constant worry, Rodgers will do well to hang on to him through January, and even better to keep him over the summer. Although the Reds might finally be moving in the right direction, they’re not title contenders yet, and will struggle to make it into the Champions League. Over the course of a long season, I fear their lack of squad depth will be exposed. And another season without the chance to revel at the big stage will surely gnaw at Suarez’s ambitions.

He and the club also, rumour also has it, had a verbal agreement that would allow him a move this summer should the Merseysiders fail to finish in the top four. Arsene Wenger long felt confident he could snatch Suarez from Rodgers’ clutches, and Real Madrid announced their interest, as they always do, when an Anfield exit looked most likely. So, we have a proven world class talent, who plays for a top 5-6 Premier League side, and wants bigger challenges. It all sounds strangely familiar, don’t you think?

Welsh Galactico Gareth Bale’s eventual move to Real Madrid is arguably Spurs’ biggest step towards becoming a serious title contender in a decade. They lost one of the most prolific players in the league, yes, but the money they got for him, £86million pounds, was spent on strengthening an already solid squad. Andre Villas-Boas now has cover in every position, and though the talents of Erik Lamela and Christian Eriksen are yet to blossom in north London, Tottenham are now in a stronger position than ever to endure the longevity of the Premier League season.

Maybe that’s the solution for Liverpool?

Regardless of where the Reds have ended the season in recent years, they have always been a daunting opponent for the top sides. Despite their inability to form a realistic title challenge, they have had a knack for causing stir ups for the likes of Man United, Chelsea and Man City, but then dropping points at home to bottom half teams in the following game. This strongly suggest that depth is Brendan Rodgers’ biggest concern. When 33-year old Steven Gerrard starts to feel the intensity of a long season, and rotation comes into play, Liverpool might be stuck with perhaps Joe Allen as a replacement. By no means a bad footballer, but neither a top class impact player.

So why shouldn’t they consider releasing Suarez if the right offer arrives? With a proven record of goal scoring excellence over the last seasons he won’t be short of suitors. And as he still has nearly five more years on his contract, Liverpool are in a strong position to cash out a major pay day. And just imagine what a Bale-sized transfer fee could do to their title credentials if spent wisely. They could amount a realistic approach for Premier League target and Borussia Dortmund engine Ilkay Gündogan, or they could join the hunt for Real striker Karim Benzema to replace Suarez. At the moment, Liverpool will never be able to seduce either to come to Anfield.

Modern football is dominated by the size of your wallet, and maybe Brendan Rodgers would be better off regarding his Uruguayan bad boy as a stock rather than an invaluable asset. To make it big, you must be able to spend big, and Rodgers have proved so far that he does a good job at identifying the right transfer targets.

Also, as a bonus, the Liverpudlian faithful would no longer have to worry that Suarez might nibble on his opponents.

Should Liverpool sell Luis Suarez?

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