Should Robbie Keane be considered an untouchable in that Spurs side?

Football FanCast columnist Fanos Kyriacou was disappointed with Robbie Keane's response to being substituted at Eastlands and feels as captain, he should be setting a better example.

Robbie Keane's show of petulance at being subbed in the defeat against Manchester City yesterday was something that I thought he had grown out of. I am a massive fan of Robbie Keane and have said before that he is one of our most important players so while it does indeed show that he cares and he wants to be out there playing I think it was wrong for him to act that way, especially since he was captaining the side.

Being a captain means you need to support all your team mates and show them encouragement, especially to those who maybe are not performing and are low on confidence. Although I am not the biggest fan of Darren Bent I did feel sorry for him because of Keane's reaction to being replaced by him. It was as if the Irishman was saying, "I can't believe you are replacing me with that useless lump of a striker". Now while the vast majority of Spurs fans would agree with this, it does nothing to help Bent's already fragile confidence. I can't remember Robbie reacting like that too many times when he was being replaced by Jermain Defoe on the pitch.

This brings me on to my next point. Keane's reaction suggests to me that he now thinks he should be untouchable in the side, something he couldn't allow himself to do with a striker of Defoe's quality chomping at the bit to get games.

The other thing I have to mention is our fans' reaction to Keane acting in the way he did. We saw Pascal Chimbonda do a similar thing in the Carling Cup Final and he was absolutely crucified by Tottenham supporters, will Robbie Keane be treated in the same way? Somehow I seriously doubt it because he is a fan favourite. He acted no differently than Chimbonda did, in fact the Frenchman had more cause to be upset because he was taken off in a cup final.

It does seem that Juande Ramos is doing everything he can to keep Dimitar Berbatov at the club and it is clear that the Spaniard regards our number 9 and not Robbie Keane as the player he needs to build his team around. Ramos very rarely takes Berbatov off in games, pretty much always opting to remove Keane and perhaps this is another source of frustration for Robbie.

I do think this incident will blow over but Robbie Keane did go down a slight notch in my estimation yesterday for acting so petulantly. I do understand that he is a fiery character and loves playing for the club but being captain he has a responsibility to act in a professional manner and yesterday he failed to do so.