Shrewd move by Wenger…shame he missed the trick with Theo

jack-wilshereArsene Wenger came out in the week and made the point that Jack Wilshere would perhaps benefit from a loan deal until the end of the season, in much the same way Cashley did all those years ago. According to Arsene it would be like finishing school, providing that he is allowed to play every week.

In many ways I agree and have been screaming out for Wenger in the past couple of seasons to send Theo out on loan; however Arsene has always resisted, which I find strange considering his view on Wilshere. For whatever reason Theo has been immune from a loan, but for Jack I think it will be great for him providing he is at the right club and one where his abilities will be utilised to the best of his abilities. Wenger would ideally like a Premier League club or a top side in the Championship; personally I would prefer the latter.

The reason I would prefer a top Championship side is that he’ll be playing for a team full of confidence and one that will enable him to excel. If he were to move to a team like Burnley or another lesser like in the Premier League, then the chances are in the final half of the season that they’ll be embroiled in dog fights, where the football is likely to be more direct and require players with battling qualities, rather than the silky skills that Wilshere possesses. If I were Arsene I would be touting Jack out to the likes of Newcastle or West Brom, in order to aid his development, especially the Magpies, given that he’ll be playing alongside establish Premier League players in the large part.

Wenger came out and claimed that he may hold tight until such time that Fabregas returns, but in my view we certainly have enough cover anyway with the likes of Ramsey and Nasri. I think finishing school as Wenger called it would be exactly what Wilshere needs this season in order to gear him up ahead of next. As I mentioned earlier I think Wenger missed a trick with Theo and feel he would have benefitted from it a couple of years back – perhaps Wenger thinks the same and that is why he is determined to not make the same mistake twice.

Written By Billy Pearson