Shrewd transfer move by Manchester United??

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed on Saturday evening, after Manchester United’s 2-0 win against Tottenham, that Manchester United would not be making new signings in January. Speaking to the Independent, Sir Alex Ferguson stated, “We won’t be buying in January, definitely not.”

It has been widely rumoured that Sir Alex Ferguson have been given a £100m war chest to purchase new players.  It is obvious that Ferguson trusts his young squad but is the Manchester United manager demonstrating signs of being on power trip considering Wayne Rooney’s damging comments two weeks ago.

However, Sir Alex Ferguson has to put Manchester United first and what would be the point in purchasing youngsters over a period of years just to replace them all with big name signings this January. What Ferguson is creating at Old Trafford is exciting. There is some real talent coming through at Manchester United, the likes of Javier Hernandez, the Da Silva twins, whilst Ben Amos looked solid in goal against Wolves. Ferguson must be aware United need to strengthen, but January would be the wrong time to change the look of the squad.

Manchester United fans have to trust Sir Alex Ferguson. Sir Alex Ferguson will have many players on his radar but he will not risk rushing the process. Manchester United has the squad that is capable of challenging this season. Why would Ferguson go out and purchase a player in January that he couldn’t play in the Champions League.  It wouldn’t make business sense and Sir Alex Ferguson would be seen as panic buying. What Manchester United need to do is expose these young players to as many big game situations (as has been the policy in the Champions League this season) to test how good they could become. Manchester United’s policy of avoiding the January transfer window is a good decision.

January would be the wrong time to start replacing Van der sar, Giggs, Neville and Scholes. The prices are astronomical for top players, and the way the transfer window is staged, Old Trafford would become a media circus. With one of the busiest and most important periods of the season, it would be detrimental to the squad if every player under the sun was linked to the club. With Ferguson ending all speculation that Manchester United are set to buy, the circus can roll up at another club.

What people should not forget is the size of the Manchester United squad. Sir Alex Ferguson expects Antonio Valencia back by the end of February, by that time Owen Hargreaves could be back in first team action as well as Michael Owen. Add these three players to the squad as it stands now and Manchester United look very healthy. Of course, no one knows whether Hargreaves or Valencia will be the same players again – Manchester United have never adopted the policy of selling an injured player down the river. Manchester United needs to be patient and wait for the right deal. As Real Madrid showed this summer, there are bargains out there in the transfer market.

What was said in the meeting between Wayne Rooney, David Gill and Sir Alex Ferguson, we will never know. We can speculate as much as we want, but what is fact is Wayne Rooney is staying at Manchester United. That is the most important signing they have made in years and it showed to Manchester United fans that Ferguson is still the boss. Is Ferguson being stubborn because of what Wayne Rooney said? It is possible, but it doesn’t seem likely that Ferguson would put Manchester United in that predicament. Ferguson rarely buys in January, because of the lack of value. There is no change this time. The squad that Sir Alex Ferguson has assembled at Manchester United will challenge in a big way in the next few years. Ferguson’s attention in the coming weeks should be on bringing Carlos Queiroz back to Old Trafford.

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