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Simple Hicks & Gillet initiative that could salvage Liverpool

Liverpools-US-co-ownersFootball FanCast guest columnist Geoff Ramsey believes that a simple statement by Hicks and Gillett could release the pressure that is building around Rafa Benitez and Liverpool football club.

To say that the pressure around Liverpool football club is reaching boiling point is something of an understatement and every 90 minutes, here on in, seems to be getting worse and worse and the media are absolutely feasting on it and not to mention sticking the knife ever deeper into Rafa. All this could be ended with one fleeting action by both Hicks and Gillett, if one of them had the good sense to realise it.

I remember reading a great story about Wigan and when they were in the old division four or League two as it has become, Dave Whelan came into the home dressing room, after another shambolic display, and gave the team an absolute dressing down before promptly telling them that Paul Jewell was the manager and there is no way in the world he was ever going to be sacked and if anyone was going to be getting their P45s then it was the players; brave words by the chairman, but one that eventually got the desired effect and as they say the rest is history. I’m not suggesting that the blundering Americans go into the dressing room and give a speech, but the moral from Whelan’s story is that in one sweeping outburst then not only did he release the pressure off Paul Jewell and dispel any agendas of the players to get the manager axed by substandard displays, but immediately he brought an end to any speculation over the manager’s future in the media. That is what is desperately needed here, to nip all this pressure in the bud once and for all.

Benitez is the best man for the job and although he is going through a bad run at present, to axe him, or allow him to be under such scrutiny considering the giant strides he has made prior to this season is absolutely unfair in my opinion. If the Americans simply implemented the action next week and claimed that regardless of what we achieve this season and whether we win any silverware or not that Benitez will still be the football club come what may, then not only will Rafa suddenly relax and not be forced into making such rash decisions in terms of team selections (risking Torres etc.), but most significantly it will shut up the petty media and journalists who clearly have the sole intention to drive a wedge between supporters and Rafa Benitez. One simple statement will dispel this and release the pressure in an instance; surely it is in the best intentions of Liverpool that they do this…isn’t it.

Article title: Simple Hicks & Gillet initiative that could salvage Liverpool

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