Simply foolish to write off Tottenham

When having my daily peruse of the papers and wondering exactly what I could disagree with this week, Mark Lawrenson made my task surprisingly easy. Not in a Piers Morgan offensive kind of way, just in the way that I simply didn’t agree with what Match of the Day’s main attraction had to say.

Lawrenson stated that although Spurs are a team full of promise, essentially they are exceeding the expectations people have of them and have zero chance of winning the title.

Now had you put this article to me at the start of the season, I would probably have been inclined to agree, yet the more I watch both sides from Manchester, and especially United, the more I feel that Spurs actually have just as good a squad, and in United’s case probably a better one.

If you look at the purchases made in the summer by Levy and Redknapp, not to mention the keeping of Modric and the ever growing talent of Bale, Spurs look like a side on the up, and with Redknapp at the helm – until England come calling – the only thing that will halt their ambitions is themselves and dropping silly points, such as the couple to Swansea.

That aside, Spurs have looked solid at the back and brilliant going forward this season, and certainly have the bragging rights of being the best team in London, leaving Chelsea and Arsenal trailing in their wake.

Yet how about the title race – is it as Lawrenson would suggest, a two horse race between the two clubs from Manchester? Well Spurs currently sit three points behind a United side who felt the need to bring Paul Scholes out of retirement, with a game in hand, and six behind City, again with a game in hand.

Well this is the league that people like to say is the most unpredictable in the world, and with United looking shaky in every area of the pitch despite their FA cup win, and City going into a period of tough matches and having to deal with the suspension of Kompany, the injuries to Dzeko and Balotelli not to mention the huge losses due to the African Cup of Nations, Spurs are more than entitled to fancy their chances of at the very least closing the gap and giving both sides a very good run for their money.

Redknapp has declared the title wide open and stated it is a six horse race, yet I would narrow that down to three, with the three sides below Spurs being left to fight it out for fourth. I actually think that Spurs will manage to separate the Manchester clubs, at least for a little while this season, with United far from assured, and Redknapp’s side are in a position to take full advantage of this.

The one thing that has to be cut out if they are to be genuine title contenders is the draws that should have been victories, and baring a couple of occasions, they have done this to a much better effect this year.

With the players Redknapp has at his disposal and the momentum Spurs have going into the second half of the season, not to mention the fact they are not distracted on a Thursday night like both Manchester clubs, it is a far from impossible scenario that Redknapp’s men will push the title race all the way, and throw in a few surprises whist they are at it.


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