Simply the 10 ‘Most Wasted’ Tottenham talents of all time

The journey from mid-table mediocrity to top-four challengers has been a long and arduous one for Tottenham Hotspur and its supporters.

While they may now be enjoying the likes of Gareth Bale and Mousa Dembele roam the pitch in their current assault upon Champions League qualification, there was a time when the likes of Chris Armstrong and Ruel Fox were leading the charge to nowhere.

But for all the carefully acquired talent the club have attained in changing their fortunes around over the last decade, there havent half been some casualties along the way.

And here are ten footballers whose career has ultimately suffered as a result of joining the Tottenham revolution. Some lost out at the hands of poor mismanagement while others only have themselves to blame for how their career in N17 went.

So click on Rebrov below to unveil the ten biggest wastes of talents in recent times at White Hart Lane.

Sergei Rebrov

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