Simply The 20 ‘most Shocking’ Premier League away kits of all time

Oscar Wilde once said, “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” For a man who died in 1900, he seemed to have an uncanny ability to predict the future of terrible Premier League jerseys.

Throughout the history of the league, there have been some gaudy, ill-fitting and downright nauseating home and away kits.

In the case of the 20 on show here, the sole focus of their design seems to be distracting the opposition. In the case of Manchester United’s famous grey strip, however, it only distracted themselves.

Like art, not everyone will be in agreement, but as you flick from jersey to jersey, remember that players had to wear these and fans actually paid money for them. Sunglasses at the ready—it’s about to get bright and colourful.

Click on Arsenal’s shocker from 95 to get the ball rolling



Have I missed any glaring kits? Are there any shirts out there you’ve been embarrassed to wear outside the house? Let me know on Twitter @dudeyoungy

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