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Simply time for Man City star to move on

AdebayorFootball FanCast columnist Tom Jones thinks that Adebayor should stop dwelling on the past and move on with his career.

There is not exactly a lot of love lost between Premier League star Emmanuel Adebayor and his former club Arsenal, but surely now it is time for the Manchester City striker to forget the past and concentrate on the rest of his career. The outspoken 25 year old has once again condemned Arsenal and their fans and has effectively reignited his war of words with the North London club. But why doesn’t Adebayor just leave what has happened behind him, move on and put all his efforts into firing City up the Premiership table?

I think it can be said that Adebayor is hardly Arsenal fans’ favourite person at the moment after his actions in the last couple of months. After leaving Arsenal in the summer, he caused controversy by running the length of the pitch to celebrate in front of the Arsenal fans when he scored for City in the encounter last month. In the same match he ran his studs down the face of Dutchman Robin van Persie, which resulted in him receiving a three game ban. Now Adebayor has spoken out again about the behaviour of both the Arsenal players and the fans in that game, and it seems like he can’t keep his big mouth shut.

The Togo striker has admitted that he regrets the incidents in that infamous Premier League encounter, but has further attacked his old teammates and supporters. He said in The Times “When I got to the tunnel and saw my friends, I tried to shake their hands . . . but they didn’t want to shake my hand and it was a shock. ‘What is going on? What am I?’ I felt very hurt.” So he got rejected by his former teammates, big deal. He even admits himself that “after that I thought, ‘OK, that’s part of life and you just have to deal with it.’” But then it seems like the behaviour of the fans who used to adore him tipped him over the edge.

Adebayor further said “when I got on the pitch and heard some fans singing, insulting my dad, insulting my mum, you can’t take everything. We have all got our limit. You can insult me, but don’t touch my family, don’t touch my parents. When I heard the fans singing, insulting my family, then I had to respond.” OK, so the behaviour of the Arsenal fans may have been unacceptable, but you can understand some of their feelings towards him. The best way to respond was to score in the match, which he did, but by continuing this attack on the Arsenal fans he is only going to exacerbate the bad feeling towards him and isn’t going to make himself any friends. What happened to leaving a club with dignity and respect?

I have to admit that Adebayor’s comments are becoming slightly tiresome and soon general football supporters will turn against him, except maybe City and Spurs fans. Surely now a line has to be drawn under the whole incident and Adebayor concentrate on his own game, as there is no doubting he is a quality player. But with all this off the pitch nonsense, he isn’t going to win many friends in the game. Now has to be the time for the Manchester City star to move on and forget the past, doesn’t it?

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Article title: Simply time for Man City star to move on

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