Sir Alex cannot afford to get caught short in January

Villa has recently announced he is open to a move to the PL

Villa has recently announced he is open to a move to the PL

Much has been made of Manchester United’s financial situation following Sir Alex Ferguson’s decision to pull out of the deal to bring Partizan Belgrade starlet Adem Ljajic to the club. Partizan came out with claims that United did not have the funds to carry out the deal and Bayern Munich quickly piped in with claims that United also didn’t have the funds to meet their inflated valuation of French winger Franck Ribery.

Ferguson quickly countered with claims that he had £60m to spend in January if he saw fit but more recently has claimed that he is unlikely to splash any of that cash, news that will undoubtedly upset many a Man Utd fan (myself included).

With our current defensive problems, it was thought that some sort of deal for a defender would be made yet Ferguson has quickly moved to dispel such a notion but why?

Obviously we have to look at the length of the injuries and with most of the injured set to return before the month of January ends it could seem unnecessary but defence aside there are other options.

Recently Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness has come out with claims that Ribery could be sold as he has not come any closer to renewing his deal with the club whilst Sergio Aguerro and David Villa have both spoke of being open to moves to England.

United fans will expect to sign at least one of the 3 if these rumours are true having lost Ronaldo in the summer and I will go as far as as saying it would be a disaster to miss out on them if they are available. This may seem a tad dramatic but it harps back to the middle of the decade where Chelsea would buy up every player in an attempt to deprive everyone else of their services. Robben, Essien, Ballack and Mikel were all United targets that Chelsea snapped up and Essien and Robben especially can be cited as influential to Chelsea’s mid decade dominance in England. So with Chelsea having been linked with all 3, although its unlikely that they will get all 3, if they get 1 then we should counteract this buy snapping one of the 3 up also.

It’s not as if we don’t need either as our latest performances have shown.

This is not a knee jerk response to our performances this season rather a look to the future. Ferguson is clearly building another team and it would be benefitial to build the team with any of these players already a part rather than just adding them once the team has been created and later find out that they don’t work.

So come January, if a deal can be struck Fergie sign them up, Fergie Fergie sign them up!