Sir Alex missing a trick in the transfer market

alexfergusonSir Alex Ferguson was adamant in the Guardian newspaper this morning that his plans to strengthen the squad are not being hindered by the Glazers debt, but by the lack of quality signings available at a respectable price. I know some supporters who believe that Fergie is merely towing the company line, but I don’t honestly reckon that to be the case.

The reckless spending of City and Madrid in the summer has seen common sense go out of the window and just when the transfer market was reaching some semblance of order, it has been destabilised beyond recognition, where a two-bob centre half is now worth £22m. Those who doubt the sincerity of Fergie’s comments should remember that he was ready to cough up between £25-30m for Benzema, before Madrid came in at the last knockings and gazumped our bid.

Whilst I agree with Fergie’s decision not to pay crazy money for players; he answered my own reservations that I have when he was pressed about how United would cope without Wayne Rooney if he were to get injured:

“It is true that we don’t have great options if Rooney were to get injured, in the sense that we do not have top quality like Ronaldo, who could play anywhere, of course.” Guardian

My view exactly given the performances of Berbatov and my uncertainty with Owen, but I then ask the question of how United are dealing with the absence of Rio and Vidic. Not very well is my answer and therefore I find it incredibly risky not to go out and look to strengthen and ensure that we capture our 4th consecutive title, especially with the race being as competitive as it is. Surely Fergie is missing a trick by not taking a plunge in the market in January and not to mention taking an unnecessary risk with our ambitions for success this season. A centre midfielder and centre forward should be a No.1 priority in January, even if they were only brought in on a loan basis.

I have never been one to question Fergie (how can I given his success), but I believe he is making a big mistake by not looking to improve the squad this month. We haven’t looked convincing of late and I reckon the addition of two or three new faces could freshen up the place and bring a little impetus to a squad of players that in my mind have grown complacent of late. I’m not suggesting Fergie goes out and spends £30-40m on one player, but a couple of new signings would be welcomed.

Do you agree that Fergie should spend in January, or is he right to keep faith with his lot?

Written By James Heywood