Sir Alex Ferguson putting his rivals to shame

Football FanCast guest columnist Lee Watts is delighted to see one manager in Manchester showing some morality in the transfer market.

No matter which way Mark Hughes chooses to gloss over the dealings of his football club they, as well as Madrid, have made an absolute mockery of the game and their outlandish spending and wages have destabilised the structure of football. Clubs can no longer compete in the market and unless UEFA follow through with their recommendation of squad limit of around 25, then the playing field will never be equal.

Man City has been absolutely reckless in the market, foolish in fact and they have little to no balance in their squad. I always thought Hughes was an astute tactician, but the failure to bring any stability to the backline will cost them dear. Instead they have blown all their money on a load of mercenaries upfront, who are all going to throw hissy fits when they are not playing; I mean quite how Tevez thinks he will get ahead of Robinho is anyone's guess and I wonder how he will take to sitting on the City bench.

The point is that whether City finishes in the top four or the bottom four, next season, the damage has already been done. Even with £80m in the bank Sir Alex has had to withdraw certain transfer targets as he refuses to bow down to the ridiculous prices that are being touted around, I mean £35m for Benzema…do me a favour!

I think the aspect that frustrates me the most is that this has all snowboarded by the ludicrous sums of money that City offered Milan for Kaka back in January. They went in there absolutely blind and suddenly Milan, who had no intention of selling him to City given the desire of the player to stay, suddenly knew they had a bargaining tool for any other interested parties in the future. I accept the £57m fell well short of the £100m they could have got from City, but at the same token they wouldn't have got anywhere near the fee they eventually received and one that opened the floodgates.

The problem with the likes of City is that they have attracted the mercenaries who suddenly put wealth before success. Gareth Barry decision to change from his desire to play CL football for a club that has potential just sums them up. If Tevez had any brain or hopes of success he would have moved to Chelsea and as for Adebayor, well no comment there. There is no lasting spirit there, the players aren't playing for the football club, and they are just there for the money pure and simple. Sir Alex wants players who embrace the football club and have the hunger to succeed, not those who are simply coming there for the money. How can you expect any lasting success with that? I am amazed that Hughes doesn't understand that philosophy, especially as he played a significant part in the early years of United's success.

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