‘Six of the Best’ – Greatest Solo Goals of all time

In light of the launch of the new football gaming phenomenon that is ‘Goaldash’ I decided to look at the six greatest solo goals of all time.

Footballers around the world have graced the game with many fantastic solo goals. Most include mesmeric runs around defenders who just fall at their feet whilst others may include one or two slices of luck. But these are all goals that fans will never forget…

1.  Diego Maradona

This stunning effort in the 1986 World Cup is a goal few fans will ever forget, especially the English who were on the receiving end of a goal that often tops the ‘best of’ charts. Whilst the Argentine may also be remembered for another infamous strike, this one is by far the greatest solo goal of all time.

[youtube -rW-lK9F6TU]

2.  Ryan Giggs

Giggs’ individual goal in 1999 was definitely a sign of the greatness to come from one of the Premier League’s most talented players ever. Taking on and beating the whole Arsenal defence is not an easy task but Giggs managed it with deadly ease and this goal will be fondly remembered as one of the defining moments in the English game.

[youtube quI_LkMj4HI]

3. Lionel Messi

Any list of the greatest solo goals would not be complete without a strike from the master of turning defences inside out, Lionel Messi. The Argentine is the current king of the spectacular and this goal against Getafe in 2007 sums up why Messi is the world’s greatest footballer.

[youtube 5vmm-xCq4To]

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4. Michael Owen

Whilst this goal may not be as mesmeric or spectacular as others, the way in which a young Michael Owen introduced himself onto the world stage with his amazing goal was worthy of a mention. Owen attacked the Argentine defence all by himself and stunned the 1998 World Cup with a sublime finish.

[youtube fV7XxkqLjDE]

5. George Weah

Again this goal doesn’t include fantastic skill but Weah’s ability to run from his own penalty box, past a handful of defenders and then calmly slot the ball into the corner deserves a place in the best solo goal charts. He did get a couple of slices of luck along the way but it was still a fantastic effort from Weah for AC Milan against Verona in 1996.

[youtube MMnR1QM5Te4]

6. John Barnes

Another fantastic individual goal that was partly one of the greatest solo goals for Barnes fantastic individual effort but also the setting in which he scored it. Barnes took on Brazil and beat them at their own game, dodging past defenders with ease to score this unforgettable goal in 1984.

[youtube 9SCyXGiJ-jc]


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