‘Six of the Best’ – Merseyside derbies of recent memory

In light of the launch of the new football gaming phenomenon that is ‘Goaldash’ I decided to look at the top six Merseyside derbies.

There are some games that jump out of the Premier League schedule, most are hotly contested local derbies or games between the big four that could decide the fate of league but there are two games in particular that are more passionate and important than most, the Merseyside derbies.

When close neighbours Liverpool and Everton go head to head sparks often fly and it is rarely a quiet affair. But what are six of the best Merseyside derbies?

1. Liverpool 4-4 Everton (1991)

An absolute thriller, this time in the FA Cup. This fifth round tie saw Everton fight back four times, forcing the game into another replay which they eventually won. This Merseyside derby also marked the end of Kenny Dalglish’s reign as Liverpool manager at the time after he resigned the day after this match.

2. Liverpool 3-2 Everton (1999)

This match was remembered as one of the most exciting Premier League encounters between the two teams as Everton took the lead after only 40 seconds before Liverpool fought back (including a Robbie Fowler strike that infamously saw the striker celebrate by sniffing the line). Everton nearly managed a comeback thanks to a Francis Jeffers goal but Liverpool held on.


3. Liverpool 3-1 Everton (1986)

The fact that this match was a FA Cup final at Wembley made this Merseyside derby even more important to their respective fans. Everton had taken the lead through Gary Lineker but Liverpool hit back thanks to Ian Rush (2) and Craig Johnston.

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4. Everton 2-3 Liverpool (2001)

Liverpool had built a comfortable lead at Goodison Park but Everton managed to claw back two goals to level the game. A draw looked most likely until Gary McAllister blasted in a 40-yard free kick in the closing minutes to win the game for the Reds in the most dramatic of circumstances.

5. Everton 3-0 Liverpool (2006)

A big win for Everton over their bitter rivals as the home side blew away Liverpool on the day. Two goals from Everton’s Andy Johnson sealed a reasonably comfortable win and one of Everton’s biggest wins over Liverpool in recent history.

6. Everton 1-2 Liverpool (2007)

One of the more controversial Merseyside derbies in recent memory. Sami Hyypia’s own goal has put Everton in the lead but into the second-half Everton found themselves on the wrong end of two red card and penalty decisions, Dirk Kuyt converting twice from the spot including a late winner. The controversy didn’t stop there though when Everton were harshly denied their own penalty in the closing seconds.


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