Is there not the slightest touch of envy over Carlos Tevez?

“Welcome to Manchester” was the message that irked many when Carlos Tevez moved from United to Manchester City last summer. Tevez has now played for both Manchester clubs and he certainly has been welcomed at both- although the way he left United was not accompanied by a ‘good luck’ message. Currently the blue half of Manchester are enjoying his services to the extent that the red half will only wonder if it was a bad idea to let him go.

The form of Tevez will make United fans, if not the hierarchy, think that he could still be producing the goods.  This comes especially at a time when United seem to be suffering a striker breakdown. Owen is out for the season, Rooney’s knee is playing up, Macheda has only just made a comeback to training,  Diouf is a rookie and Berbatov plays every match with a question mark over his head. United fans may have barracked Tevez in the three matches that the clubs have played against each other this season, but is the club looking out of its window, glancing across Manchester and resentful at the fact that the Argentinean is now showing his class to their fierce rivals?

Looking at the strikers City have got then the way they are using Tevez is getting the best out of them and the best out of the man himself. He seems to have been given the license to drop deeper rather than play as an out-and-out striker, and has backed that up with a fantastic goals return. In Manchester City’s 4-2 victory at Chelsea at the end of last month Tevez scored his 14th and 15th goals of the season, whilst at United, last season, he managed 15 in 51 appearances. That leads to the argument that Tevez was never used in his best role at United and always seemed to make more of an impact when he came on as a substitute. What Tevez is doing at City is proving that he is not just a workhorse but someone who is capable of going on a scoring streak. It could be that Ferguson got his estimation of Tevez wrong. By bringing him on during the last 20 minutes of a match, when a defence is tired, the last thing they wanted to face was Carlos Tevez. However, Roberto Mancini, and Mark Hughes before him, starts Tevez in pretty much every game because of the money they spent on him.

The transformation of the Manchester City striker is one that can be looked upon with envy because after a slow start, which saw him score only twice before December, he looks like a totally different player. Now that he has matched his tremendous work rate with a consistent goal-scoring run, he is City’s version of Wayne Rooney- the player that ultimately kept him out of United’s team. The comparisons between Dimitar Berbatov and Tevez has lasted all season but, with the way certain football players are, you can never get Berbatov to play like Tevez and vice-versa. Tevez’s form has been highlighted more because of the success he has been at City.

Even with Tevez quickly becoming the main man at City, along with The Blues fans really taking to him, it will not make people jealous of the impressions he has made at the club. Footballers move on, football clubs move on, but Tevez’s name gets mentioned regularly because of the failure of United’s strikers, apart from Rooney. Ever since the Argentinean arrived in England he has made an impression at each of his three clubs, but his career at City started in an attempt to prove United wrong. In his mind he may feel that he has made the right move so however well he performs at City, it should really be reflected upon as the qualities being shown by a blue Carlos Tevez.

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