Snakey Cesc denied penalty claim for Chelsea; Twitter bemused at Ref

Cesc Fabregas’ excellent performance at the Emirates could’ve been topped off by winning his side a penalty if Mark Clattenburg hadn’t bottled the decision to award the Spanish midfielder a penalty for a body check by Laurent Koscielny.

Where the ex-Arsenal man could’ve made himself a shot on goal, he was knocked to the ground and tumbled under a pretty crude challenge from the French defender and no one seemed to have any idea how it was not awarded as a penalty.

Chelsea fans are still believing in the campaign against them, yeah, really!

Obviously its because everyone hates Chelsea, not just a decision from the ref.

As we know, Chelsea fans and Mark Clattenburg haven’t had the best of relationships, so it didn’t take long for the fans to become frustrated.

The fans will always try to build some sort of conspiracy against them, whether they are joking or not, that decision was pretty shambolic.

Nemanja Matic’s yellow card saw protest from Blues fans, too..