So what is the most preposterous deal you have heard your club is lining up?

RonaldinhoEvery year, twice a year, friends of cousins, mechanics and the local airport run taxi driver become so “in-the-know” they are second only to the lovechild of Graham Carr and Willie McKay, when spotting talent and thus predicting and even claiming that transfer deals have been sealed.

Twitter is a hotbed for it with the “Fourth_Official” and “footballagentPM”, just a few of the “in-the-know” or claimants to be, that get the plaudits if they get it right and the pops at if they are well off the mark. However, everyone’s at it come January 1st and some of the rumours are truly bizarre, if not admirable for their audacity.

As a Southampton fan, I have obtained an automatic response to transfer rumours or news that appears anywhere other than the official site, “not happening,” and with good cause: at the time of writing, it is midday on Thursday 29th December and I have already read at least 3 accounts of players joining us with so-called “credible” sources. Firstly, and perhaps most realistically, (I use realistically loosely, in the same sort of way that I’d use it to describe what is more likely to happen, “living on Mars or becoming Prime Minister”) is the alleged free transfer for of Stern John back to us.

“[It] came from a member of his close family,between us and Brum apparently: “I am very sceptical but this person should know! I wouldn’t post this if it had been from mate in the pub.” That was the justification and as another poster pointed out he, “was last seen in the Trinidad & Tobago Pro League; hardly the edge of the EPL.”

However, what is possibly up there with past Southampton January transfer rumours, such as Oliver Bierhoff in 2001, is the announcement one poster on my beloved Saints Forum made, [I’m] being told by another colleague that he has a very reliable source [and] that we have made a rather shocking and bold bid for FC Basle star Xherdan Shaqiri.”

Yes, that is right, Xherdan Shaqiri, a player dubbed by some as the “next Messi,” playing for the team that has just progressed in the Champions League knocking out Manchester United en route: however, it is justified, of course: “Just passing on the info and yes I do realise how unlikely this would be, however this rumour comes from another club.” That must be that then: I’m excited already.

While we are more likely to secure a player on loan and make one or two rather low key signings in the grand scheme of footballing economics, there is sure to be a melee of over-priced bartering going on further up the footballing ladder and for every Rafael Van Der Vaart bargain there will be an Andy Carroll rip-off. However, what is the silliest and most unrealistic transfer rumour you have heard this season, for your club, or any other?

Last year we were blessed with Blackburn’s pursuit of Ronaldinho, to entertain us through a rather predictable and quieter January transfer window, unless you were a Liverpool fan, and this year, there is sure to be many a story on par. In the summer transfer window, an equally silly season, especially with the heat, Michael Owen was apparently set to move to Brighton joining them in their new funky Amex Stadium and Carlos Tevez was going to have a reminiscent love affair with the East End of London, playing alongside the likes of Abdoulaye Faye under the leadership of Sam Allardyce at West Ham .

To get your silly senses shooting off down all synapses, here are some of my favourites that I have already bore witness to: Liverpool F.C., not content with having a prolific Andy Carroll, a banned Uruguayan, an abusive Welshman and a Dutch model up front, are interested in Stoke striker Jonathan Walters and are set to table a bid of around £8 million for the Irish striker.

At least if this happens, Andy Carroll will acquire some much needed breathing space whilst the limelight is rightly thrusted on Kenny Dalglish for a “lack of ambition.”

Meanwhile, whilst you can admire Chelsea ’s apparent correct level of ambition in comparison to Liverpool , this story sees them spending over roughly £100m in a January transfer window, for three players that will be cup-tied for the Champions League: Mesut Ozil is in talks with Chelsea over joining Villas-Boas’ side in January.

Out of favour under Jose Mourinho, the young German international will still command a £30m price tag due to his ability and potential. The deal will have to be wrapped up quickly, however, so Chelsea can secure Cavani and Pato to revamp their strikeforce….or so the story goes.

Whether you support Doncaster Rovers or Manchester United , the transfer window can, even if it is for a day and purely speculative, see a star player with his name in the same breath as your club. The combinations are vast and the reliability is questionable, but for one month anything is possible.

As I have heard many a time as a justification for ludicrous prospective Southampton signings, “Who would’ve though the European Player of the Year would have joined Saints?” But he did and Kevin Keegan enjoyed 42 goals in 80 appearances for us.

So what is the most preposterous deal you have heard your club is supposedly lining up this transfer window and what is your favourite rumour of years gone by?

Share yours below in the comments section.

Written by Jordan Florit from This is Futbol


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Article title: So what is the most preposterous deal you have heard your club is lining up?

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