Some refreshing honesty finally coming out of Spurs

Football FanCast guest columnist Lee Cullen is delighted to see Harry play down expectations, ahead of the coming season.

When it comes to false dawns I doubt there are fewer clubs whose supporters have suffered more than Spurs. The problem is we inflict a lot of it upon ourselves and our high expectations does little but add unwarranted pressure on the manager in charge. In many ways it is probably the reason as to why we go through our fair share of them, as they are never really given a chance.

Every season we go through the same old charade, being tipped by all and sundry to progress, only to find that we end up falling short. Unfortunately it rubs off on the supporters who buy into the hype and really believe that we are good enough to be in the top four. A bad start to the season then brings the usual anarchy, which puts pressure on the players, the manager, leaving the board of directors little option but to contemplate a change. It becomes a vicious circle and one that shouldn't really exist.

It was refreshing to see Harry come out this morning and claim that a top six finish is really our only ambition ahead of next season. Some may see it as him being a defeatist, or perhaps taking the pressure off himself, but the reality is that he is dead right and our squad is short. Unfortunately the Comolli years did little to improve on the outstanding progress that Arnesen had made in such a short time at Spurs. We have in fact gone backwards and our consecutive top five finishes are a distant past, therefore Harry has to reshape the squad completely and fill the shortfalls within it. This isn't going to happen overnight and we need to realise that next season will simply be a work in progress and hopefully Harry can put a solid foundation in place, and something to build on next summer.


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