Some welcome news on the horizon at Villa Park

Football FanCast guest columnist Greg Symonds is delighted to see that Harewood is likely to move on in the near future.

If there is one thing that we have grown use to down the Villa then it is seeing our football managers waste millions on some absolute turkeys that were not worthy to represent our great club. Gregory had his moment with Bosko Balaban, who could forget O'Leary's delve in the market for Eric Djemba-Djemba and our current custodian Martin O'Neill joined that club with the ridiculous signing of Marlon Harewood. Few players could ever make Emile Heskey look world class, but the ex-West Ham striker most certainly could.

It is a move that plainly never worked out and perhaps it is simply our manager's pride that has seen him remain at Villa Park for two seasons. As much as I despise Rafa Benitez at least he shows little mercy when he makes balls up in the market, like he proved with Robbie Keane, and it is an approach that I hope O'Neill will learn to adopt in the near future.

Fortunately for us it appears that there is some light at the end of the tunnel with Hull City coming to our aid and are seemingly prepared to take Harewood off our hands. Apparently after only amassing six Premier League appearances Marlon is desperate to join Hull City and link up with another striking misfit Bobby Zamora, according to his representative Phil Sproson.

Sproson said: "Marlon would certainly jump at the chance to join Hull City and the club knows that. Hull City know where we are and know Marlon's situation.

"Marlon and Bobby played together at West Ham, they know each other very well and are friends, so he would love to play alongside him again," (SkySports)

I am not sure how much we will get for him or whether we will be able to recoup the £4m we paid for him in July 2007, but I'll take anything just to get him off our books. Like Harewood we have a collection of players who O'Neill should look to move on (Zat Knight anyone) this summer and attempt to use the funds wisely in order to improve our squad. I have said for a long time that the problem at the Villa is that complacency creeps into certain players games as they have nobody of any real ability challenging them for a first team place, it is something that O'Neill must address if we have any hope of improving from last season.


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