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Someone finally exposes what Liverpool fans have known for years

Football FanCast guest columnist Paul Wade is delighted that Martinez has exposed, what Liverpool fans have known for years.

They say what goes around comes around and why it has taken seemingly an eternity for the authorities and other managers to fight back against the Utd boss, it is nice to see them making a stand at long last and exposing him for what he actually is.

Full credit must go to Roberto Martinez for speaking out against it and exposing his view that there is some sort of managerial covenant against Rafa Benitez. There are many occasions to back this theory up and who can forget last season’s reaction to Rafa’s cross arm gesture against Blackburn Rovers last season, which saw Allardyce spit out his dummy, whilst Alex attempted to add more heat on Rafa by claiming him to be incredibly disrespectful. The Scot also attempted to discredit Benitez about comments attributed to Everton, a subject matter that he had no right to make judgment on.

We all know the reasons why and it is simply the fact that he can never get one over on Rafa Benitez. Where over the years he has been able to provoke a reaction from the likes of Wenger, Keegan and Houllier, he has always found Jose Mourinho and Rafa harder nuts to crack. They very rarely bite and why the mask occasionally slips with Rafa, all in all he generally remains dignified and unlike the Scot he is not afraid to front the media, whether he wins or lose. You can guarantee that he doesn’t appreciate his fearless but composed streak, hence why he tries to break the Spaniard, with the aid of his fellow Premier League managers. Rafa Benitez is being bullied pure and simple and I’m glad to see a fellow manager bringing this to everyone’s attention; Liverpool fans have seen him being victimised for years, so hopefully now a few others, preferably the authorities, will now wake up to it.

Article title: Someone finally exposes what Liverpool fans have known for years

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