Something to bring a SMILE to all Liverpool fans!

Football FanCast guest columnist George
is certain that he isn't
the only Liverpool with the wryest of smiles on their faces as Fergie throws
his toys out of the pram.

When Rafa
Benitez let out his infamous rant in early January he was pillared by the media
with everyone suggesting that he was losing the plot. They painted the picture
that Sir Alex Ferguson would have been at home laughing his head off, knowing
he had won the psychological battle. I wonder who's laughing now.

results have certainly favoured United and they have subsequently become the
media's playthings with topics such as their immerging fledglings and the
possibility of a Quintuple high on the agenda, you could be forgiven in
thinking that there aren't any other teams actually in this League. The bias
towards them is incredible and I think we did football a favour, by given them
a serious reality check, on Saturday afternoon.

It was a
fantastic afternoon, my finest experience at Old Trafford, but what made it all
the sweeter is hearing Sir Alex's words after the game. Claiming they were the
better team and then ridiculously suggesting that it had been teed up in our
favour, due to us playing 24hrs earlier. It had the smacking' of desperation
and quite frankly the poorest of excuses for the sheer arrogance and complacency
of their side, he is said to now be boycotting Sky, and I'm sure rival fans
will be sending thank you cards to Rafa as we speak, who wants to hear the bias
nonsense that comes out of his mouth anyway?

So I ask the
question to the media about who is losing the plot? Win lose or draw, Rafa
stands up like a man, takes the tough questions and is totally cooperative when
need be. He can also concede when he is well beaten and shows a certain grace
with it. Fergie's words at the weekend show a manager who after weeks of hype
and talk of winning the quintuple is starting to put pressure on him now to
deliver. Maybe Rafa was right, perhaps he is slightly concerned about us, if he
isn't, then after Saturday he certainly should be.