Sorry Cesc…it didn’t wash with me

Football FanCast guest columnist Lee Roper feels that Cesc is solely responsible for the question marks over his future.

When Cesc Fabregas scored at the weekend and ran over and kissed the badge, the media and a large section of the supporters saw it as a sign that our skipper pledging his allegiance to the cause and where his future lay. A nice gesture, although perhaps a hollow one.

This article is by no means intended as a slight towards our captain; a player who gives nothing short of 100% everytime he puts on the red and white, but to come out and say that the gesture of kissing the badge was a sign of commitment doesn't wash with me, for the simple reason that he is the one that has been fuelling all the rumours and question marks over his future by continually talking about Barcelona and his admiration for the manager, the City and pretty much everything else.

I don't know what other Arsenal fans think about the subject, but we all know that Cesc wants to return to Barcelona and I personally wouldn't be surprised if it happened next summer, but why he remains at Arsenal and as captain it would be nice to see him show us a little bit of respect and refrain from talking about a move to Spain. It is going to happen one day and you'll always be revered by us supporters when you do, but for the time being please show your love for the football club and its supporters by stop talking to the Spanish media about your dreams for the future; I accept they may twist a lot that has been said, but you have to accept Cesc that you gave them the ammunition.