Southampton and Crystal Palace fans impress

Fans tend to joke amongst each other about supporters of certain teams being a little casual when it comes to knowing the history. This is perceived to be the case with some of the bigger teams in the Premier League, who have fanbases spanning several continents, but is it actually true? Knowing a football team inside out can take time, especially for younger fans without memories stretching back several decades.

What it can do is help when trying to impress fans, but how much do fans tend to know. Using all teams currently in the Premier League as an example, it seems that a few supporters should know a little more than they do right now. A quiz asked how well do you know your team, with 10 different questions spanning every facet of the club. The test by Ladbrokes caught quite a few out.

Ignorant Canaries?

Right at the foot of the knowledge table are Norwich City, who aren’t out of trouble on it just yet. Supporters of the East Anglian side have, on average, scored a miserable four out of ten in the quiz, perhaps showing that their knowledge of the club’s history doesn’t go too far back. In total, less than one third of their fans who took the quiz got at least six correct answers.

Another set of fans who didn’t fare too well are Stoke City supporters. The Potters, who look to be close to achieving Premier League safety following a solid win over Hull City last weekend, saw 3% of fans come away without getting a single question right. Less than a quarter of their fans got more than 6/10, which is surprising given their support at the Britannia Stadium is pretty vociferous.

Proud Palace

Among the other low scorers are West Bromwich Albion. Although not a single Baggies fan scored zero, two-thirds of their fans failed to get more than 5/10, which is surprising. However, not all of the smaller clubs’ support fared so badly, with Crystal Palace fans proving to be pretty sharp when it comes to knowing their team.

12% of Palace fans scored 10/10. An astonishing 72% of their fans came away having scored at least 6/10. Also, 16% of Hull City fans managed to get all their questions right, which shows that smaller teams’ fans have plenty to draw on, as do the bigger clubs, but it’s Southampton who sit at the top of the table.