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Sponsored Post: Arsenal and Man United stars making and taking their chances

Arsenal, Man United and Man City stars have come together to help promote New Balance Football‘s first range of football boots.

Aaron Ramsey, Adnan Januzaj, Samir Nasri and Alvaro Negredo feature in a brilliant promotional video where New Balance’s two new boots are put to the test by players who make chances, and those who take them.

Visaro is designed for the players who need to be everywhere at once; those who are surging forward from box-to-box or wing-to-wing.

Players wearing Visaro still can take advantage of the Fresh Foam insock, which provides superior cushioning, and a pro-form last for unsurpassed feel and unbelievable comfort. Visaro players control the game with exceptional ball retention and creative distribution.

Arsenal star Aaron Ramsey – a New Balance football athlete – is the kind of player who’d benefit from these boots, and he’s already enjoying the added touch they give him whilst playing. He said: “These boots are multifunctional, helping me in all the most important areas which allows me to play to my full potential.

“They work with my instinctual movements during games and give me the confidence to supply the players around me who take chances.”

But while Ramsey is making chances with the Visaro, he needs someone to take them. That’s where the Furon players come in.

Furon players need to be in the right place at the right time. They burst into space; ghosting past markers, first to the ball every time.

They can take advantage of an engineered high energy return upper for explosive release velocity, and a stiffened soleplate for exceptional energy return and unparalleled acceleration. Also built into the boot is ultra-directional stud design for unrivalled straight-line speed.

Furon players receive outstanding strength and support from the ultralight Fantom Fit cage. A Fixed Revlite insock provides superior cushioning and a pro-form last gives unsurpassed feel and unbelievable comfort.

Man United’s Adnan Januzaj is one of those players who take their chances, and is enjoying wearing New Balance’s Furon boots.

“What has been clear right from the start is that New Balance set out to design a boot to help attacking payers – I have worked closely with them from the original prototype to ensure they achieve this,” the Belgium international said.

Global Head of New Balance Football Richard Wright spoke with pride at the release of New Balance’s first boot range: “Over 90 minutes, players cover more ground than ever before and the distances run in football far exceed that of any other sport.

“We have developed two styles of boots for attack-minded players. The players that ‘Make Chances’ and the players that ‘Take Chances’. We believe these boots will meet the player’s performance demands and amplify their unique set of skills – not only just at the top level of the game but at every level of football.”

Article title: Sponsored Post: Arsenal and Man United stars making and taking their chances

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