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Spurs fans need to get over it and give the guy a break

FanCast columnist
feels it is time that Spurs supporters
gave Robbie Keane a break.

So much has been written about Robbie Keane and his
presence in this Tottenham team, but is it not about time we gave the guy a

Whilst I agree that it was reckless decision to play
him on the left hand side against Manchester United, it was hardly Robbie's
fault now was it and any criticism should lie firmly with the manager here. I
know many feel that because he wears the armband that he is immune from being
dropped, but do you honestly believe that to be the case, I mean give Harry
some credit.

It seems to me that Keano is on a hiding to nothing
with certain supporters, who are still bitter at the manner of his move to
Liverpool, but isn't it time to move on? What is done is done, so rather than
keep dwelling on it or looking to pick holes with him, let's embrace the fact
he is now a Tottenham player and therefore warrants our 100% support. At the
end of the day this is still the player who we took into our hearts, during his
five years at the club, and he repaid us with total effort and commitment. He
could be that player again for us, if certain supporters looked to give him a

Keane as we know is confidence player and he needs
to be loved in order to get the best from him, something he hasn't enjoyed
since his return. I accept that he has lost his status and the privilege of
having his name ringing around the stadium, but what are we gaining by ignoring
him and not offering the support and love that you know will galvanise him as a
player? He let us down big time when he left, I know that, but given the shift
he put in during his first stint at the club doesn't he warrant a second

Whether we like it or
not Keane is here to stay for the foreseeable, so rather than keep knocking
him, let's just accept it and give him our full support. I don't believe he
should be captain, as I actually think that it is actually a hindrance to his
game, but like the United game last week Harry made that decision and he is the
one that should be made accountable, not the player.

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Article title: Spurs fans need to get over it and give the guy a break

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