Spurs must take chance on youngster – he will save them a small fortune!

FanCast columnist
feels that
Spurs fans fail to realise what a talent they possess in Fraizer Campbell and
how he could potentially save the club a small fortune.

When Dimitar Berbatov signed for United, I know many
Spurs fans that were somewhat perturbed. It wasn't so much the player leaving,
which I think most kind of expected, but the very fact that United were
seemingly throwing in one of their kids just to makeweight to the deal. I know
the very name Frazier Campbell was hardly going to get the pulses racing, in
light of the quality they have lost, but believe me you have one hell of a
talent there, who given the opportunity is more than capable of scoring 15-20
goals this season.

Fraizer Campbell is a precocious talent and
certainly has the abilities to play Premier League football. If it wasn't for
Rooney, Tevez and now Berbatov at the club, there would be no United fan
disappointed if Campbell was selected. He is by far the best talent the club
has produced since the fabled class of 92 and this is something that Spurs fans
need to embrace and quick. I saw the game on Thursday night and you cannot tell
me he didn't make a difference when he came on. Here the kid was in his first
outing in Europe and his new club and it looked like he had been playing there
all of his career. Quality footballers can do this and given his head at
Tottenham, then he won't let your football club down.

I personally look at Campbell and as a United fan
I'm fearful. We are no longer in a financial state where the club can blood
youngsters as it has become very much win at all costs and the way the
Chelsea's of this world thrown their money around, we are having to go out and
bring in the finish product. There is no question that in two years time that
Campbell would have developed in one of the top strikers in the country,
unfortunately United cannot afford to offer him that platform at this moment
and that is why I think Spurs will prove the perfect move for him.

I'm of the opinion and I know many shares this view
that Campbell has played his last game for United and the year at Tottenham is
merely a shop window for suitors. The very fact the Manchester United front
three will cost in excess of £95m, once the club takes up the option on Tevez;
then it is unlikely there will be room in the mix for Campbell. Gill can say
all he wants about Fraizer's long term importance, but the reality is the
player will move on and I wouldn't be surprised if Spurs have some first refusal
clause on the player.

So what do Spurs fans think about Campbell and did
he show you enough the other night, to warrant a starting place? I can only
speak from a United perspective and I have to say I'm gutted that we will never
see the lad develop at Old Trafford. I know how highly he is rated by Sir Alex
but the honest truth is that the lad will never get the opportunity to develop,
especially with United's transfer policy in place. Spurs should take up any
prospect of signing him up in January because in short, he could save your club
a small fortune; he just needs to be given his chance.

Article title: Spurs must take chance on youngster – he will save them a small fortune!

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