Spurs shouldn’t be deterred and pay up the desired fee

Football FanCast's French reporter, Pierre Dalmat, feels that Spurs shouldn't hesitate to meet any fee Toulouse demand for Moussa Sissoko.

One of the great past times of the French media is to put an enormous amount of pressure on the nations great starlets by making comparisons or billing them as the next big thing. How many times have we seen players billed as the new Zidane, Henry or Makelele? I don't believe it to be fair and the last thing players need is that around the neck.

I appreciate that a huge amount of this praise is fuelled by clubs in an attempt to draw the attention of Europe's big leagues in an attempt to get them to throw million of Euros at them and history has certainly suggested it works. My own view is that the actual quality of youngsters in France is on the downturn and certain players don't live up to the fees that are being touted. Benzema is a good player, but 40m Euros is crazy money for someone who is just good. Karim doesn't share the same qualities as Thierry Henry, despite what most neutrals seem to believe. There are only two outstanding young players that are really emerging in French football, one of them is Etienne Capoure and the other being Moussa Sissoko.

Sissoko's call up to the French National team is well deserved and he totally warrants his selection. While his 6ft 2in stature has already had France Football dubbing him the new Viera the truth of it is he is a far more accomplished performer than Patrick ever was at that age and certainly seems likely to be our MVP in many years to come and bring the stability to our midfield that we have lost since Makelele retired. It is frightening how complete he already is at 19yrs of age and I can totally understand why Toulouse is holding out for big money from Tottenham Hotspur.

What Sissoko brings to a midfield is what Desailly use to, before he was moved into the back four. Moussa is incredibly strong for one so young; firm in a tackle, but what he has is that drive and determination when running with the ball and very few players can knock him off when he is in full stride. His ability to pick a pass still needs a little work, but he is only 19 and that will improve with time. Moussa's development gives us all great feelings for the future and I wouldn't be surprised at all if he is in Domenech's starting line-up for next year's World Cup.

I hear there are strong rumours that Tottenham Hotspur are looking to bring him to England and it is easy to understand why. Toulouse will want in excess of 20million Euros for him and why that may seem a lot of money for a 19yr old, I believe it to be a small drop to what his real value will be in a few years time. With no disrespecting of Tottenham Hotspur here, Sissoko will do a lot better than them in a few years time and move on to a Barca or Manchester and play Champions League football, but for this interim period Tottenham will be well advised to pay whatever Toulouse ask because his value will certainly be a lot more should he succeed in England, which will give them a fair profit should they look to sell him on. Moussa certainly has all the ingredients to be a success in England and at Tottenham and should they sign him they are buying one of European football's best young players who will certainly improve their chance of playing Champions League football. Ligue 1 will certainly miss him if he does leave, but my French heart suggests that perhaps a move to England will make Moussa a more complete player which can only benefit our National team.