‘StarPlayer’ – changes the landscape of football apps

My personal experience of football apps in the past has generally been one of disappointment as none of them really capture the imagination, or offer anything unique or new to the table. You can therefore understand my uncertainty when I was invited to the launch of Heineken’s new Champions League app ‘StarPlayer’ – although it only took five minutes of Manchester United’s tie at the Gelsenkirchen to realise I was bearing witness to the changing of the football app landscape. StarPlayer is unbelievably addictive and certainly offers a welcome complement to LIVE football.

StarPlayer provides a unique overlay to live football matches. You simply watch the football on TV while playing StarPlayer in real-time, anticipating events unfolding on the pitch live and making decisions on what will play out over the next few seconds.

To score points, you simply have to anticipate what will happen at key moments such as corners, free kicks, and penalties, for example whether the shot will be saved or whether there will be a goal in the next 30 seconds. With every correct forecast, you gain points. During lulls within the game there are also random questions that buzz up on the screen in which you can answer to earn yourself extra points. Once the game is over you can click on the ‘Interactive Champions League’, where you can also compete and share with their friends via Facebook and with other players around the world – FINALLY an app with real meaning and one that allows you to pick your brains and test your anticipation against likeminded football supporters.

As the game in Gelsenkirchen unfolded I have to confess that my anticipation was not as hot as I first thought it would be. I wasted four of my eight goal attempts in the first half an hour, largely down to Javier Hernandez and Ryan Giggs’ wastefulness in front of goal. My instincts at set-pieces also proved dismal as I realised that the vast majority of times the chances were ‘missed’ rather than my natural reaction that the ball will be ‘cleared’. Thank the lord that the bonus questions came to my rescue and gave me some points so I could briefly flirt at the top end of the VIP league, although I found myself dropping down the table as I mistimed hitting the 30 second goal button for the two United goals. I won’t go into my final finishing place as the game ended, although the app did flash up at the end to tell me, in no uncertain terms, that I could have done a lot better.

StarPlayer is totally addictive and I certainly couldn’t wait for the next day’s match at the Bernabeu to attempt to learn from my previous mistakes and tactics from the night before. I have to concede that I did perform slightly better, although I really need to be slightly more reserved with the ‘Goal’ button, as I had wasted all my chances as Messi’s late brace killed off my chances of winning my particular league. My performance was less shabby though and I am fully motivated for the next Champions League outing on Tuesday night at the Camp Nou.

Why not sign up yourself today for FREE and join in this StarPlayer experience – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Get a sneaky peak of the game below:

[youtube 2ENM0YAhoGY]

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