Surely the BBC can do better than Adebayor

Many people have been a little disillusioned by many aspects of the World Cup in South Africa. There is a lot of fans and players that cannot stand the noisy vuvuzelas, others complain that the ball is too round and of course England’s failure to win their opener has upset a few…but at least Spain lost their opener and no team has ever won a World Cup after losing their first game.

Then there’s the TV coverage, why are the BBC paying Emmanuel Adebayor to appear as a pundit on Match of the Day Live, the guy embodies everything wrong with the beautiful game?

I did find his faux pas pretty funny though (Alan Shearer did too), when his phone rang during his analysis of the Japan v Cameroon game in Group E. The bemused looks on Gary Lineker and co’s face as they try to world out what the Adebayor is saying during his ramblings is quite amusing too, but in general there is nothing likeable about the man.

Like the vuvuzelas the Togolese forward generally just generates a load of hot air and noise, it seems an odd decision that the BBC pay him to talk rubbish at us…I suppose the likes of Mark Bright and Mark Lawrenson do that anyway, but Adebayor is even worse than them and adds nothing to the programme.

As a player Adebayor has become something of a hate figure, especially amongst Arsenal fans after he left the club in search of money and completed an acrimonious move to Manchester City (after a history of claims and counter-claims over transfers) last summer for £25.5m. During the Citizen’s 4-2 victory over the Gunners at the City of Manchester Stadium he stole the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

During the game Adebayor scored and ran the length of the pitch to celebrate in front of his former fans and they were understandably incensed by the ex-Arsenal man’s stupid actions. Amongst other things a stool was thrown at him (no, not that kind of stool) and he put the safety of the stewards under threat by his actions.

When he’s not inciting crowd trouble he is kicking lumps out of his former team-mates and during the heated 4-2 game against Arsenal he hurt both Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie, who he studded in the face and was lucky he did not do more serious damage to the player.

After his actions since coming to the Premier League he has not exactly endeared himself to anyone (some say he is even more hated than Ashley Cole by Arsenal fans) and does not do a whole lot for Manchester City’s image, so he can’t be doing too much for the Beeb’s either.

What has Adebayor ever done? What has he achieved in the game that makes him a World Cup expert? His air of arrogance isn’t even warranted as he doesn’t possess the quality of other hate figures such as Didier Drogba or Cristiano Ronaldo as he won nothing at club or international level.

As much as I hold Abebayor in utter contempt perhaps there are worse things about the World Cup TV coverage like the talentless James Corden being allowed a primetime slot on ITV, or the constant talk about England even when we are not playing and the fact that irritating DJ Colin Murray has been installed as presenter on MOTD2.

Could the BBC have done a lot better than Adebayor? Don’t we deserve better pundits?

I expect Emmanuel Adebayor had to have a little media training before his BBC appearance, judging by this previous interview:

[youtube dA-DuGGCf68]

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