TEN things we have learned about Tottenham in 2010

They are a really good team

Are Spurs actually going to stop being nearly men? Have they left the middle of the table? Are they really going to be mixing it with the big boys? Well by the evidence of 2010 yes quite probably. It has been a fantastic year for Tottenham filled with some great performances. Games are filled with entertaining football full of attacking and creative intent.

They can go up against the best in the League (and the world)

The back to back victories against Arsenal and Chelsea towards the end of last season along with the win against Intern Milan particularly stand out from the year, to those victories against Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal away can be added. Only Manchester united remain as the big English club that Spurs just seem unable to get anything out off again folding far too easily on this season’s trip to Old Trafford.

Prefer playing as the underdog

These great victories have though been accompanied by some dire results against teams that a side with ambitions at the top of the table should be beating. This season Spurs have suffered defeat to Wigan and West Ham. And last season a disastrous semi-final ended in defeat to Portsmouth. Tottenham don’t tend to perform well when they are the overwhelming favourites for a game.

They really like to keep you on edge by never putting games away or keeping clean sheets

On top of this just to make the games extra tense, they insist of letting the other team score and leave open the very real possibility of throwing away a lead. The three great victories mentioned earlier all allowed the opposition back into the game when really Tottenham should have been out of sight.

Luka Modric is a class act

Quite a simple observation really, but Modric just makes football look so simple. He is fantastic with the ball at his feet and this year has really shown what he can do when thrown into the middle of the pitch to lead the midfield and be the creative heart of the team.

Gareth Bale

He has simply had an exceptional year. He has the deadly combination of electric pace and a decent final ball. It is a terrific direct approach that has been at times unplayable this year.

Maybe just maybe they can hang on to their best players

This summer did a fantastic bit of business in succeeding in keeping both Bale and Modric at the club. It makes a nice change from their best players having their head turned by supposed greener pastures, generally coming from the red side of Manchester.

Added to this can also bring in top talent

The signing of Rafael Van der Vaart, was not only the signing of the summer but also demonstrated how Spurs are now capable of bringing in really top quality players.

They can handle European football

This was the main question being thrown at this Tottenham team, particularly by the red side of North London. These voices grew distinctly louder when they went three nil down inside 30 minutes in Switzerland. Yet from such a disastrous start they have really bounced back to progress to the last 16, whilst maintaining decent Premier League form and position.

Confirmation that they’re the best team to support

I suppose for many this isn’t anything newly that has been learned, just cementing previously held knowledge. Due to these other nine points I can safely conclude that they are the most exciting and progressive club in the league, yet as they’re still progressing thinks like European nights are still exciting to us unlike the other big clubs where it is just mundane and expected.

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