TEN things we learnt from the ‘Price of Football’ report

We all know that watching football live is a massive expense, but today such knowledge has well and truly hit home thanks to the BBC’s Price of Football Report. The figures have been crunched from tickets to the cost of pies to provide us footy fans with a detailed run down of just what we’re paying and what we’re getting for out hard earned cash, and it’s fair to say that the results raise eyebrows.

Instead of delving into the lengthy report, catch our ten lessons – breaking the big issues into little chunks…




Arsenal rip off fans

Emirates Stadium

We all knew it! Arsenal have been well and truly outed for the rip-off merchants they are! The Gunners’ prices are nothing short of eye-watering, with the cheapest season ticket at the Emirates priced at… £1,014. Their most expensive effort also comes in the highest in the top tier at £2,013.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 11.37.57

It’s not jus bad news for regular viewers, with Arsenal’s £97 match day ticket the most expensive in the Premier League and over double the amount being charged for the most expensive pass at seven other English top tier clubs.

Man City aren’t greedy


Well, when you’re backed by Middle Eastern billionaires you don’t have to charge the earth for a season ticket. Credit to Manchester City though, as the reigning champions charge just £299 for their cheapest campaign long pass. To put it into perspective, the fee is lower than you would pay at 15 Championship clubs, 10 League One outfits, four League Two sides and even one in the Conference…

It costs more to watch Charlton than Barcelona…


Charlton provide the most cost-effective season ticket in the top four English divisions at £150… yet it costs less to watch Barcelona all season (£103). The Valley or the Nou Camp? Tough call…

Scotland’s prices only going up slightly


With the cost of a ticket, a pie, a nice cuppa and the obligatory programme taken into account, it costs, on average, £26.95 to watch a game in Scotland’s top tier. This is an increase of 61p on figures found last year.

Matchday revenues up


Match day revenues are now at a massive £585m across the Premier League, which is 6% higher than the numbers revealed in the last report. Also, Premier League clubs spend 71p of every £1 brought in on player wages…

Kidderminster Harriers have gourmet pies…


They better have some decent ingredients in their pies at Kidderminster, with the Harriers charging a stomach-churning £4.50-per-pastry. In the top four divisions, Brighton are the most expensive pie club, pricing their efforts at £4.10.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 11.36.45

Football League thriving

Football league

Despite the increasing costs, the Football league is actually thriving with attendances having increased by 136,000. Not bad at all!

Championship the fourth biggest league

Derby County v Queens Park Rangers - Sky Bet Football League Championship Play-Off Final

Only the Premier League (13.9m), the Bundesliga (13.1m) and La Liga (10m) boast higher attendance numbers than the Championship in Europe, with 9.1m fans passing through the turnstiles over the season. That’s an average of £16,500-per-match.

Lille are cheap to watch…


Liverpool fans may want to head over to Lille to watch their loanee Divock Origi in action, with the cheapest ticket at the Ligue 1 side’s Stade Pierre-Mauroy coming in at just £5.87.

Don’t support Barnet…


As if you needed any further encouragement to avoid Conference side Barnet, their replica shirts are valued at £49.90… a higher fee than 11 Premier League clubs charge!